Vuze (formerly Azureus) is a Java-based BitTorrent client, and a media content streaming network. It is free software and runs under Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and Unix. Vuze enables users to find content easily offering not only an embedded torrent meta-search but access to the Vuze HD Network where users have access to thousands of HD and non-HD content.

The software also enables users to publish their own content and have it streamed and become accessible through the Vuze HD Network.

Version 4.0 boasts some exciting changes, among which is a redesign of the GUI.

Download: Vuze | 10MB | Freeware
View: Vuze HD Network

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Azureus was a pretty decent client. They totally ruined it when they switched to Vuze. When I would use Vuze v.3x it would crash every few minutes. I switched to uTorrent and haven't looked back.

Is this worth the switch from uTorrent, it certainly looks exciting. Since my recent switch to Vista, uTorrent locks up everytime I close it... so I'm thinking I need an alternative, opinions?

uTorrent and Vuze (nee Azureus) users were always sort of opposite ends of the spectrum. Azureus was a big and heavy but extremely well-featured client, while uTorrent catered to people more concerned about resource usage than a full toolbox.

Personally, I've been an Azureus/Vuze fan since before they went commercial (and with the classic interface since). Time will tell if this is a good evolutionary step, or further invasion from the commercial side of things.