Wall Street Slaps Dell for Losing No. 1 PC Shipper Title

Dell Inc. shares dropped about 6 percent Thursday after market research indicated a steep drop in the company's third-quarter shipments. The market-share decline allowed rival Hewlett-Packard Co. to reclaim the title of the world's biggest personal computer seller, research firm Gartner Inc. said late Wednesday.

Another researcher, International Data Corp., said Dell and H-P were statistically tied with about 17 percent of the global market. Dell has led the market for much of the last three years. Shares of Dell, based in Round Rock, Texas, fell $1.58 to $23.12. California-based H-P's shares rose 55 cents to $39.56.

Dell declined to comment Thursday on the research firms' reports. The company is scheduled to report earnings for its fiscal third quarter, which ends in October, on Nov. 16.

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Yea same here, I get emails and such from Dell but it looks like the name is losing loyalty among the user base. I find it interesting how the market fluctuates like this during this time of the year.

Strange really. I get a lot of advertising from Dell at the office and see more Dell ad's than HP.

HP must be reeping the benefits of their cheap e-PC's something Dell really never got to grips with.