Want a Surface for 60-80% off? Attend TechEd!

Microsoft has been pushing their Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets pretty heavily in the media lately. While everyone's seen the commercials showing users dancing around and clicking their keyboards into place, the company has also been making more subtle inroads, including inking a deal with the NFL that provides sideline coaches with the latest in Surface technology.

Despite all of this advertising, how many people do you know that actually own a Surface tablet? Microsoft aims to increase those numbers by offering a deal that's almost too good to be true. Today, Channel 9 announced that all TechEd attendees will have the option to purchase both a 64GB Surface RT with touch cover bundle for $99 and a 128GB Surface Pro for $399. This is an amazing deal for attendees, considering the fact that the touch cover alone costs more than $99. In addition, the tablet can be upgraded to the upcoming Windows 8.1 Preview when it's announced.

We're sure that most TechEd attendees will be lining up at the show to put their money down for one or both of these tablets next week.

Source: Channel 9

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Most of the Surface "fail" is fuelled exclusively by the blogosphere, at first dismissing it and then reporting on the resulting public opinion that they themselves created. How many people do I know actually own a Surface? Well... I do, for one, and it easily beats everything else in its class. I have yet to come across a single person who wasn't impressed by it when I showed them, but there sure are a lot of people who's never seen one in person and think it's bad because, oh, guess what, the blogs said so.

Very good prices. I'm sure they could afford to drop the RRP to this level and if they did it would literally fly of the shelves and very quickly grow the platform.

TechEd is a lure bait for novices (or people that are willing to burn money), specially since it is so much a sales pitch. The same MS gave a lot of meeting, conference and course for *free*. IMHO, some people uses it as a class trip.

I bought a surface pro for a friend not thinking a tablet would work for me, after setting it up for her and getting familiar with it I fell in love with that device. If the price was closer to what they are offering here, I would buy at least two more.

I've had my RT now for about 4 months and couldn't think now what I'd do without it. The ability to have full Office 2013 on a tablet is a huge advantage over any competition hands down. I'm slowly working around London converting all the iPad users!

Lone Wanderer Chicken said,
The only way not to spend more money to get to tech ed, to get a $99 Windows tablet, is to ride your bicycle to it. Then you would still have to stop at hotels and eat.

Finally a benefit to living in New Orleans! I think this will work out quite nicely for me...

So ... US$2,195 for a TechEd ticket, plus UKĀ£1,000+ airfare from Manchester, England to New Orleans,
in order to buy myself a cut-price Surface Pro. Hmmmm, let me think .... nahh, I think I'll pass on that!

If I was paying that much on travel and event attendance, I should get several Surface Pros ... for free!

Technically, if all you are doing is going for a discounted Surface...probably costs more for a plane ticket. Good for those who live in the area tho.