Want to see a MultiTouch laptop?

Channel 9's Charles Torre has put together half an hour of footage of his trip to Microsoft Research in the UK where he got to take a look at some of Microsoft's work behind MultiTouch laptops and LCD monitors. During the video, he gets to know the scientists behind MultiTouch: Shahram Izadi, Alex Butler, and Steve Hodges as well as the thought behind it, and what makes it different from Microsoft's Surface Computer. "Tune in and learn about the Who, What, How and Why behind MSR's innovative MultiTouch. It's pretty amazing and, surprisingly, not incredibly complicated technology." I've clipped out the 3 minutes (right click => save target as to download) where the actual proof of concept prototype is showed off, but the whole video is a quite interesting one in itself, so I suggest you watch it, if you have over 500MB to spare!

Stream: Clipped Video (3 minutes)
Download: Full Video (30 minutes)
News source: Channel 9

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