Want to win some goodies? Share your Windows 8 Story

Windows 8 is a bit of a paragon for Microsoft and the PC world. While it’s performance and under the hood improvements are there for all to see and feel, the interface and removal of the Start Button/Menu has riled a lot of people.

So what better way to celebrate the first four months of the OS’ release than by giving away some goodies! The catch? You need to make a video of yourself, sharing your personal Windows 8 story. The official blurb from Microsoft is “we want you to show us what you love to do and how Windows 8 is helping you do it.”

We’re sure there are many people that can justify their use of Windows 8, but Microsoft seem to be upping the ante by asking you for videos of you getting the best out of their OS. Once you’ve made the video, you need to visit the contest’s Facebook page to enter. Although you do have to be a resident of the US to be eligable. After that, it’s up to you to promote your video and get family and friends to vote for it.

So, what can you lucky people win? When people vote, you can unlock up to $50,000 worth of prizes that include:

  • A trip to March Madness
  • ORIGIN BIG O Gaming PC and touch-screen monitor
  • Surface Pros
  • A trip for two to a New York City Artist#Talk event
  • Windows 8 gear

So, do you tear up the dance floor as a DJ or, like the little girl in the Windows 8 advert, create masterpieces for all to see? If you do, Microsoft wants to hear from you. You might just bag a few goodies in the process!

Source and Media: Windows Blog

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Don't forget to pepper your story with exciting, buzzy, and bubbly videos as well as expensive staged pics of 'typical' users.

I wonder how "the UI is fugly and my USB devices stopped working after week" would fit into their marketing campaign

My Windows 8 story started a couple of days ago with its installation on my system. Doing pretty well with it so far, but can't say the same for my GPU that just started dying.

I'm sure Microsoft would *love* to hear my Windows 8 story... complete with the installing of Classic Shell, the turning off/disabling of Live Tiles, and the modification of my system so that I don't have to deal with their disaster known as the Metro/Modern/Microsoft UI. It's still a good OS as far as under the chassis goes, but the Edsel/Trabant chassis they've bolted on that you're supposed to use... good lord, I don't think so.

Even an early X Windows interface is better than what Microsoft has foisted off.

it's astonishing how indifferent is Microsoft about the rest of the world... (not because of this specifically but they never do anything slightly PRish stuff outside US)

My Windows 8 experience has been great. I just had to wrap my head around how to deal with the new start menu. I've upgraded my wifes 3 year old compaq and it runs faster and the battery lasts longer than it did in Windows 7. My work laptop runs windows 8.

Two complaints. IE10 isn't that well supported yet and I don't like how it's basically two OSes now. There are windows apps and Metro apps.

I am not sure if they will like my Windows 8 story, it will have explicit adult language, profanity, and hand gutters that shall only be seen by people who are 18+

I am not sure that this will result in any goodies at all :-)

Windows 8 is not selling, it is like a hot girl dressed like homeless, with very ugly makeup; some people will recognize that she is originally hot, just has the wrong makeup and clothing and will live with it, but the majority will ignore her and see her as ugly.

Windows 8 was completed more than half a year ago (released on MSDN to large corporations) it will be actually a year very soon, and it is still at 2% adoption, maybe now at 3%, will see in a few days.

Give it 6 more months at this adoption rate, and Ballmer will be fired for sure, and for the first time in many many years, Microsoft will have the chance to comeback as another software superpower.

How about how Win8 can only operate my HD4650 graphics adapter using generic VGA drivers at 1024x768 resolution on a 23" HD screen? Win7-64 bit operates it just perfectly at 1920x1080, with fast 3D and business graphics, but not Win8. Win8 is a downgrade.

I've got a good story. I bought a Dell in 2011. In 2012 I bought Windows 8, installed it, and then moved and lost my CD key. Naturally my Windows 8 upgrade didn't work and I had to re-install. I spent another $60 on a 2nd license, but it turns out the problem was the video card drivers for my 2011 laptop, which haven't been updated since 2011. Out $120, and with a laptop that couldn't run Windows 8, I got fed up and sold my Dell. :-\

greenwizard88 said,
I didn't run the upgrade advisor and didn't research whether my old computer could run Windows 8. It couldn't and that's Microsoft's fault.