Wanted: Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Testers!

Many of you have been eager to know about the latest version of our anti-spyware product, Ad-Aware 2007. You may have also read in the February edition of Lavasoft News that we are currently in a VIP beta testing phase, and our developers are working directly with the experienced team of VIP beta testers to provide you with a more powerful anti-spyware tool that doesn't load down your computer resources. We know that a lot of you can't wait to get your hands on the final product. Well, we have some exciting news for you. You'll get that chance in early March when we release our first public beta for Ad-Aware 2007, Release Candidate 1 (RC1)!

We're counting on feedback from you, our users, to help us make  adjustments that will shape our final product. Now we're calling on you to sign up and try out Ad-Aware 2007's RC1. RC1 will only be available for download to registered beta testers. Signing up as an RC1 beta tester not only means that you will join us in protecting the privacy of hundreds of millions of computer users worldwide, you will also be one of the first to try the enhancements and advanced protection of Ad-Aware 2007 Pro.

How do you sign up as a registered Lavasoft beta tester? Visit the Lavasoft Security Center and register under Beta - Applications.Once registered, you will be able to log-in to the Beta Applications area and choose RC1 as a program to test when it is released in March.Reporting information and instructions will be available when you download RC1.

And what about the final product? Ad-Aware 2007 Free, Plus, and Pro versions will be commercially released later this spring. For those of you who own or plan to buy Ad-Aware SE – if you have a valid license for Ad-Aware SE, you qualify to update to Ad-Aware 2007, free of charge, when it is released. All purchases made now will be eligible for a free update to Ad-Aware 2007.

For a sneak peak at what you will see this spring, take a look a tour fresh, new icon and Ad-Aware 2007 Plus and Pro box designs, below.(Click on the box designs to see a larger image).

Screenshot: >> Click here <<
News source: Lavasoft Blog

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I still use it, it finds the odd cookies on my pc. Then I use spybot and that's it.
Every now and then I try other programs to see if it finds anything but nope, nothing :)
I'm a smart pc user and never been infected by anything other than a cookie.. lol

didn't lavasoft take money from larger adware companies (i.e. gator) to remove them from their definitions?

no thanks!

Shut the god damn **** up!.........you know nothing!

Hankyone said,
its a copy/paste

I guess a good old c&p is what counts as "news" these days, at least for some "news" posters. Cutting and pasting other sites content might allow a huge volume of posts to be made, but quality is surely lacking these days.

I'd like to see news / software posts by people who actually try the software in question, or are at least aware of what the software does.

finally an update ! :D

Ad-aware > windows defender

windows defender found nothing, then i open ad-aware and it finds 50+ things........

Berserk said,
finally an update ! :D

Ad-aware > windows defender

windows defender found nothing, then i open ad-aware and it finds 50+ things........

Yes, most likely cookies.

Although Ad-Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy have always been my favorites, along with Windows Defender.

The key is to use unbiased software. Sign up, wait for RC1, report any false positives and see if Spybot detects more or less of something for-sure malware than Ad-Aware and report it. Make the authors aware and allow the software to become better.
Of course the best thing would be to not get infected in the first place, but a lot of people play online poker. :P

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