Wanted: Styles XP Beta testers

Thanks IEXBETA Forums for this one! Are you tired of using Blue, Olive, or Metallic?

Styles XP enhances the look and feel of Windows XP by adding more high-quality visual styles.

If you are using Windows XP, and would like to be a beta tester please send your e-mail to betatestxp@tgtsoft.com.


Attention skin designers, do you want a challenge?

We'll give you a challenge.

TGT soft is hiring skin designers for Windows XP.

That's right. You'll be working on new looks for Windows XP. We're located in downtown Tempe, Arizona, right on Mill Avenue -- one of the hippest places to work and play.

Think you've got what it takes? Take the challenge

Screenshot: Styles XP + Style Builder Screen Shots

View: Take the challenge

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