'Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word?'

We know that Microsoft Office gets used for many things by millions of different users around the world. But what about Apple? They have their iWork suite but when it comes to iOS 7, where do you think they designed the icons? 

You would likely say that they used the Adobe suite to create the icons as that would be a logical conclusion. But what about Microsoft Word? It seems a bit crazy to think about using Word to design icons but if you watch the video above, the author of the video is able to recreate all of the icons in clip.

Yes, we know Apple likely didn't utilize Word to create the icons but the video does show the power of Office suite. Take a look at the clip above, this guy likely has better skills in Word than many of us do in Photoshop.

Source: YouTube

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I'm no design pro, and use PPT a lot to make some quick graphics that can look neat and simple, but I really am in awe by this guy. Very nice.

this is why iOS 7 icon never seemed to impress me from day one! Now i know the reason! Because Jony Ive used what perhaps no one might expect that's utilize MS WORD to create those new icon and it's pathetic. I respect his simplicity style in hardware but software is just flat out different world and those 3D effect is irreplaceable by the so call flat design.

iOS7= New Fancy Animation + Kindergarten Icon + Jailbreak Feature

Yeah, this can be done for anything that doesn't use complex 3D effects. Even then, I'm sure there's someone out there with the talent and patience to replicate it in Word or Paint.

This doesn't show that apple did iOS 7 on Word, it just shows how awesome Word and other office products are and they can be perfect for simple and clean designs.

And even if they did, so what? Would it been better if they did on Photoshop or InDesign? Or even Google docs?. It's totally irrelevant, what matters is the research and thought process behind the design, not the tool used to mock up the UI.

What if Microsoft used Photoshop, OMG!

68k said,
Late breaking news: icons can be created in GIMP also - yes, in open-source software!

It's not just the icons. The icons were the least impressive part.

rfirth said,

It's not just the icons. The icons were the least impressive part.

(Deleted my original comment.) I'm actually quite amazed at this!

68k said,

(Deleted my original comment.) I'm actually quite amazed at this!

Yeah... Its not like Word was ever really touted to be able to do stuff like this. Raster and vector programs (Photoshop, Gimp, Illistrator, etc)? Sure. But Word? Crazy!

I didn't know word could do any of that haha. He knows all of the secret keyboard short cuts that help line things up and make them symmetrical

He makes much more than just the icons, and that's where it gets interesting. He also makes the hardware and all effects to re-create the reference image (advertisement).