Watch Bill Gates' keynote at Microsoft's CRM launch

Bill Gates' recent visit to London attracted significant interest; now you can watch his keynote presentation and hear him answer questions on bCentral.

During the course of his presentation, Bill Gates talks about the evolution of software in business. He looks at how software will advance in the time ahead and outlines some exciting new developments that could help your business. Joined by Alistair Baker (Group Director, Small & Mid-Market Solutions and Partners, Microsoft UK) and Jeff Young (Microsoft Business Solutions Vice President, CRM & Retail), he then answers questions from the audience.

Video: High bandwidth version (300k) - suitable for broadband users

Video: Medium bandwidth version (100k) - suitable for ISDN users

Video: Low bandwidth version (40k) - suitable for dial-up users

View: Information on Launch Event

News source: Microsoft UK Press Centre

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