Watch Google's IO keynote right here

If you missed out on your Google I/O ticket, don't worry, we have posted the live stream of the keynote above which is the next best thing to being at the event. The event is pegged to run for around three hours, so find a comfy seat and get your popcorn ready and be prepared to see Google's latest goods.

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I know the guy talking has a condition with his voice he couldn't help, but if they were going to have a guy speak for an hour, couldn't they get the other guy!.

SHoTTa35 said,
It starts then seems to switch to HD then few seconds later it says error has occurred.
That sucks. What browser are you using? I'm using Firefox.

SHoTTa35 said,
Might be a IE10 thing.... using ChromePortable now and it's working just fine.

Using my Samsung Chromebook connected to my TV via HDMI in 1080p.