Watch the Microsoft CES Keynote Live

This years CES Keynote speech will be provided by Microsoft's Steve Ballmer (CEO) and Robbie Bach (President of the Entertainment & Devices Division), Possible subjects include the Microsoft Slate Device we covered earlier, rumours suggest the device will be manufactured by HP.

Coverage will begin at approximately 6:30 p.m. PST (Check the time near you), and as per usual the keynote will be streamed live over the internet, a link to the Webcast will be placed here closer to the event.

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still1 said,
Developer Developer Developer Developer Developer Developer!!!!

Well if it's not developers, maybe he can go back to selling cars?

Funny, all the people complaining about the time.
My first thought was "Wow! Something happening in my Timezone for once! It actually IS at 6:30!"

GP007 said,
Seems like you're in the minority around here.

I'm with CyberDrone, I get annoyed to hell how everybody does things at 8am Eastern which is 5pm Pacific when I'm dead asleep. Besides, Microsoft is in Seattle and CES is in Vegas, both of which are PST, so the timing makes perfect sense.