Waze for Windows Phone finally available for all

Way back in April, the team behind the popular mapping, traffic and navigation app Waze announced they were taking applications for Windows Phone closed beta testers. Today, both Waze and Microsoft announced that the final non-beta version of the app is now available to download from the Windows Phone Store.

The official Windows Phone blog has the details on the new Waze Windows Phone app, which is already a huge hit on iOS and Android devices, thanks in part to its social networking and reporting features. The blog states

By simply driving around with Waze running, you can outsmart traffic and help improve everybody’s daily commute. For example, you can both report accidents and hazards and see road problems on your route. Community-shared fuel prices make it easy to pinpoint the cheapest gas station. With Waze riding shotgun, it’s also fun and simple to meet up and coordinate with friends on the road.

The Waze team was acquired by Google in June, after beta testing for the Windows Phone version began. Technically, this means that Waze has become the second app made by Google or one of its subsidiaries, for the Windows Phone platform. Google recently released a new version of its Search app for the OS.

Source: Windows Phone Store | Image via Waze

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Too late with something like HERE Drive and HERE Maps anything else is obsolete unless they can offer something Nokia does npt

Riva said,
Too late with something like HERE Drive and HERE Maps anything else is obsolete unless they can offer something Nokia does npt

HERE Drive and Maps are great but Waze allows you to report road closures, traffic jams, roadworks, accidents and hazards. Something that HERE Drive and Maps don't.

Good app and I would use it if I still lived in a big city regardless of who created the app or owns the app. If the app is good and I get use out of it, who cares who owns it. Win for me.

The UI, the colors and specially the fonts used are more "elegant" than the iOS version. Interesting.

scumdogmillionaire said,

That just killed my interest in it.

For me as well because you just know you risk being screwed in the long run. Especially if WP growth continues. Google has been messing with WP when it was insignificant but now that it has reached critical mass in certain regions I think Google will increase their screwing effords.