Waze for Windows Phone is looking for beta testers

If you use iOS or Android, you will know that Waze is one of the best navigation apps out on the market, and it is free. The social navigation application will help you get from point A to B but also introduces gamification that enhances the software.

Waze allows its users to contribute data to the mapping service including where police are currently targeting speeders. By reporting this data to the service, you help out fellow travelers and gain higher ranks within the service. The gamification of the platform makes it fun to contribute to the service and in return, builds out a comprehensive navigation solution that is full of extras that sets the bar well above other mapping solutions.

If you are using Windows Phone and want to be included in the beta test, hit up the source link below (note that it is translated, so being able to speak the local dialect, would be ideal) and get in early on the Waze action.

The fact that the team is testing Waze for Windows Phone is another great sign for the platform as the app is highly regarded among iOS and Android users. Waze isn't the only high-profile app to launch a beta program though - earlier today, Microsoft announced an open beta for the official Facebook app for Windows Phone, offering users the chance to be the first to try out its major redesign, along with a wave of new features. 

Source. Waze.co.il

Thanks for the tip Eran!

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I could give a Google Translate link but it does a horrible job...
So here is my translation to the given link:
As you may have heard, a new version of Waze will soon be available to WP devices.
We are now opening a beta program for WP users and we call you to join!

If you have a WP device and are interested to be a part of our beta users group, you can register at our new beta portal at the address: http://waze.centercode.com

The good part:
* You'll be part of a small, influential group of testers.
* You'll take part in the process and in the improvement of the application by finding bugs, filling up surveys and suggesting new features.
* You'll have the chance to win some swag.

* Daily use of Waze.
* Be an enthusiastic tester.
* Download new beta versions as they are available and test new features.
* Be able to give a good quality feedback - bug reports, suggestions and daily log reports (all the tools will be available at the beta portal).

The first beta version will be released in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, go ahead and register to the beta portal.
If you have any further questions, PM me or email me perlin (at) waze.com

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