We are not kidding - Björk is making a Windows 8 app

Icelandic singer, songwriter and actor Björk is known for her voice and her sometimes eccentric tastes in clothing; we still can't figure out why she wore a dress that looked like a dead swan to the 2001 Academy Awards. Now Björk is leading an effort to develop a mobile educational app and is looking for help to bring it to Windows 8.

Björk and her team have launched a new fund raising campaign on Kickstarter that is aiming to bring the Biophilia app to both Windows 8 and Android. What is the app? The Kickstarter page states:

The Biophilia app is widely regarded as an innovation in both music and technology. It’s the world's first ‘app album’ which means that each song on the album has it’s own interactive interpretation in the app. Playing with the app enables you to learn about time signatures, scales, chords and much more. For example "Thunderbolt" teaches how arpeggios work through manipulating lightning whilst "Moon" uses the tidal pull to drive sequencers and "Solstice" uses pendulums to explore counterpoint.

The app has previously been released for iOS devices but the Kickstarter campaign is now looking for £375,000 to bring Biophilia to Windows 8 and Android. With 21 days to go, it doesn't look good: The campaign raised just a fraction of that amount. Some of the rewards that are being offered to backers include t-shirts, limited edition prints and more.

Source: Kickstarter

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This app is really cool. I don't understand the griping about Bjork. It seems like a lot of money for a commercial app that is currently successful but I would to be able to have it on WIn8.

Unless she has suddenly become a computer programmer, Björk is NOT "making" a Windows 8 app herself - she's adding her support/name to an app developed by others!!

Björk is worth an estimated £30M, why does she need to launch a KickStarter to port a "successful" commercial application (£10 on iOS, plus in-app purchases) to other platforms rather than just funding it herself?

If you're actually serious here's a quote from the start of the opening paragraph that answers all your questions:

"Icelandic singer, songwriter and actor Björk is known for her voice"

Ok. I don't know much about this app and not really enthused about it being released on Windows platform either. I am sure there must be some who would be excited and I have nothing against them. I looked over for it on itunes and found strange bunch of reviews, one of them being:

My problem with this app is that it is too big and it won't go away. I don't want it anymore but I can't get rid of it and the update takes up too much space and takes too long to download. Beware, once you get this, like a zombie, it keeps rising from the dead and won't go away.

Now, that is weird! o_O

I think, the person who write the review must be some lazy kind of noob, who can't even remove the application in proper way, there's no way you can't remove an application.