Websites could be required to retain visitor info

A series of legal events means that companies that have no business reason to retain documents or records may be compelled to create and retain such records just so they can become available for discovery.

Companies routinely create, maintain and store electronic records. Some records are consciously created – like memoranda, letters, spreadsheets, and even e-mails and chat or instant message communications. Other records are created inadvertently, like meta data, log records, IP history records and the like. Some information is useful to the company, and it wants to retain it, and other information is of little use, merely takes up space, creates potential liability, and represents an unwarranted threat for attack or violation of privacy. The problem for most companies in developing or maintaining a document retention/destruction policy is identifying the documents and records it wants to keep and effectively purging the ones it doesn't want. Some recent legal events have made the problem of document retention and destruction even more complicated.

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I've always said that it won't be long before they start trying to put video cameras in every home to monitor us. Its just pathetic and sickening what "big brother" thinks he can do. People are entitled to a certain amount of privacy in life.

I guess they could start screening our postal mail while they are at it.

uhm... where the hell is democracy when u need it...
i mean, no1 voted for this ****? why oh why can they force websites... ah whatever...

Glassed Silver:mac

USA is not a true democracy, but a democratic republic. That means that the voters select people to represent them who are supposed to vote the will of the people that they represent. As we can plainly see, this is not case.

A true democracy means that the people vote on EVERYTHING. Imagine if we had to go vote everyday for some of these mundane bills introduced. We would never get anything done.

Come on, "The Registry" is not news. The front page has an article about flying monkeys, for pete's sake!

Actually it's about ONE monkey (a marmoset) that was taken aboard a plane. Better than the trash we had from Daniel the other day about a Microsoft conspiracy relating to Windows 7.