Weekend downloadable PC games sales for Feb. 22-24

The final weekend of February has arrived. As always, February is a short month but you can still find some great PC game deals, including some free playtime for two games on Steam.

Both games will have free access from now until 4 pm Eastern time on Sunday. One is the full multiplayer experience from Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the most recent game in the first person shooter series from developer Treyarch and publisher Activision. It also happens to be a double XP weekend for the game and the full version (with the single player and zombie content) is on sale for 33 percent off.

The second game that's free to play this weekend is one with a great title: Gratuitous Space Battles, the space strategy game from indie developer Positech Games. The full game is also on sale this weekend for a whopping 75 percent off.

Over at GoG.com, some truly classic shooter games from developer-publisher Apogee are on sale this weekend for 60 percent off. We are talking games like Duke Nukem 1, 2 and the still terrific Duke Nukem 3D, along with Rise of the Triad, the many Blake Stone games, the arcade shooter Terminal Velocity and Shadow Warrior.

Image via Activision

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I started to play BO2 single player, but I was bored instantly with the scripted cut scenes and the game taking control of my character.

I had no idea what my objectives were, or which direction to look in. I died immediately after getting dropped from a helicopter.

Treyarch need to take some lessons from Valve about a decent intro level or character development. I didn't even know my own character's name or voice. So I had no idea if it was me talking or some other guy.

I'm not even sure if I'll play it again. The opening level or two was pure chaos. It was not 'fun' or interesting to be thrown into it with no guidance.

I understand that some intro levels of "jump" and "crouch" are a bit lame, but BO2 had nothing.