Weekend downloadable PC games sales for Nov. 16-18

It's the weekend before Black Friday but that doesn't mean there are not some great sales to be found in the PC game space. As we always do, we check around to find just some of the best deals in downloadable PC games for the weekend.

Steam has given us a free weekend of play for the cool MOBA title Awesomenauts. You can play the full game for free until 4 pm Eastern time Sunday and you can buy it for 50 percent off this weekend as well. Steam also has Tropico 4 on sale for a whopping 75 percent off this weekend.

GoG.com has 17 games in the war and/or strategy genre on sale this weekend for 60 percent off their already low price this weekend. Over at GameStop, there are quite a few games on sale, including Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition for 75 percent off. EA's Origin has Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition for just $9.99.

Amazon has a bundle of both Prototype games for sale for just $9.99 this weekend. Finally, GamerGate has quite a few PC games with price cuts this weekend, including the recent Orcs Must Die 2 for just $7.48.

Image via Ronimo Games

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Amazon (might be) offering this deal, not sure if it ran out, but I got mine this mroning at 4AM
Steam codes or direct DL, you choice..
Tantalizing THQ Medley

6 Game Downloads in This Bundle

1. Homefront [Download]
2. Metro 2033 [Download]
3. Red Faction Armageddon [Download]
4. Red Faction Guerrilla [Download]
5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl [Download]
6. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine [Download]

Total Individual Price: $87.95
Bundle Price: $9.99

Just for future reference, http://www.greenmangaming.com seems to be a pretty decent site to follow. They have a few sales going on, but not as big as they did a couple weeks ago. Just a heads up to John.

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