Weekend PC games sales for April 27-29

It's the last weekend in April and it's also time to go shopping for some great downloadable PC game deals. We have spotted a few that might be to your liking but as always there are a lot more out there than what we have listed.

Steam has the recent Croteam-developed first person shooter Serious Sam 3 for sale this weekend for $13.60, 66 percent off its normal price. You can also get its Deluxe Version for a few bucks more at $17. The game recently released a Mac version that you can get for free when you buy the PC port.

As we reported earlier this week, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for the PC is also on sale via Steam this weekend for 3 percent off its normal price. Plus, you can play the full multiplayer portion of the game for free this weekend.

GoG.com has the original, but still great, EA game Syndicate on sale, along with a number of other games, for a mere $2.49 this weekend. If you played the recent first person shooter revival you might like the original tactical strategy game.

GameFly has Brink, the great sci-fi shooter from developer Splash Damage, on sale this weekend for just $4.99. The game came out just a year ago so this is a cheap way to check it out.

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As good as the rest of the sites like GoG and gamefly are, I'm not really wanting to have my games spread across multiple sites and accounts.

I might be picky, but over the years as I've brought software I've found it hard to keep track of the mutlitude of different locations I'm having to go back to and login and redownload registration key files and license keys etc. and I'm not willing to just write it all down in a notebook or save them all in a backup file.

That aside, I think the larger publishers should allow a multiple set of sites to interchange their download location and registered services. Its much easier for the few main publishers to offer a login to their site upon registration of the game and be provided a key (for steam for example) or registration token in other sites. You pick what site you want to register you game and the rest can be disabled if need be, once you've redeemed the key.

A few games already provide a complementry steam key if you buy them from the likes of GoG.com but they're not locked down so the end result is usually you'll find them being traded afterwards.

Really Enjoyed serious sam 3. I dunno why people bash it so much, It was all that Duke Nukem forever was supposed to have been but missed out on, maybe it was too much purple scorpions lol