Wellograph: Finally, a wearable with Windows Phone in mind

Currently, there are many devices that are at the forefront of wearable technology. A majority of companies are focused on creating some kind of smartwatch, health tracker, or expensive piece of eyewear or headgear. But one thing that many of these firms seem to have in common is their lack of support for Windows Phone devices.

Luckily, Wellograph is going to change this with the release of their activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and running watch. The Wellograph Watch is being touted as an elegant all-in-one wearable, designed to track activity through multiple sensors and report them in real-time to an iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device.

The watch will have four menu options: home, activity, heart, and walk & run. Each of these sections will have three views that will show you information for each corresponding category. This will be synced to a Wellograph app that will keep track of all that data on your mobile device.

The watch will have a two-tone finish; built from aluminum and stainless steel, and feature a curved crystal display. The company says that the device will be water-resistant up to 150 feet and provide up to two weeks of continuous use on a single charge.

While the watch isn’t slated to release until July, pre-orders are available at a price of $349 USD with the option of additional strap choices.

Source: Tracy and Matt / Wellograph | Image via Wellograph

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This design is terrible. It looks like a little fat phone with oversized buttons and holes on the back to collect sweat internally

The design looks good but the UI could use a little more work. Getting WP some love is also good but I'm still waiting on the fence. I'm a little excited about the Moto 360, though.

While I was seeing the features I started wondering why all these smartwatches don't have a chronometer or a timer given that they are both handy features to have on a clock.

im swiss and used to watches. such designs just hurt my eyes. super fugly.
not only the design, the materials and constructions look so little sophisticated.

typu said,
im swiss and used to watches. such designs just hurt my eyes. super fugly.
not only the design, the materials and constructions look so little sophisticated.

plus everyone forgot that you cant get laid with a digital watch

the moto renders (renders!) look nice. feel and touch will need to prove it tho, have my doubts.

im quite sure tho that the designers and the industry are still a long way off a really useful and quality smartwatch.

apple might prove me wrong soon.

Lol, I thought the watch was running Windows Phone. But instead, its platform agonistic, which is good too.

What if the watch WAS running Windows, I mean a single tile is a great size.

Timi Cantisano said,
that'd be interesting. one live tile, but with the options to choose size? ;)

If it's running windows, basically the Windows IoT they talked about at build then you could basically switch between "apps" and it'd then use the same sync APIs Windows Phone and Windows use right now (as long as you have the same account on both).

These devices are interesting but in the end they need a smartphone, what if they didn't but could work with any other device, tablet, or even PC?

Cost (rectangular screens are already produced, elliptical or other would require a new fab line and equipment) and ease of development, both to the physical structure of the device, and the software running it

Now, if this thing was less boxy in other ways (tapered edges and such)...