We're going to chat with Nokia and need your questions

In case you haven't been checking in on Neowin for the past couple of weeks, Nokia and Microsoft are scheduled to hold a joint press event on Wednesday morning in New York City. Neowin is heading to the Big Apple later today and will be front and center when Nokia and Microsoft make some big announcements, which are highly expected to be new Windows Phone 8-based smartphones from Nokia.

We will also be chatting with a Nokia rep after the press event to get some more information about whatever they plan to reveal, along with hopefully some other topics. So we decided we will open up our chat to some questions from our vast readership. Simply post your questions in this forum post on the Windows Phone section of our message board. We will select a few to ask to the Nokia rep at the event on Wednesday. Make them good because we will only pick a few of your questions and we will have a limited time to chat with our Nokia representative at the event.

Stay tuned on Wednesday morning as we plan to offer up our own direct coverage of this major press event from Nokia and Microsoft.

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1) Will removable MicroSD be available on the 920 and to what size?
2) Will you Nokia have a WinRT tablet to go with their line of products and what cross platform capabilities will there be?
3) How does Nokia plan to leverage the Microsoft ecosystem and their partnership to its advantage?

Will future Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices come with physical keyboards?

How do they feel about Microsoft Surface Phone 8 devices in the future?

Will they be coming out with more phones throughout the year(s) to better compete with Samsung/Android phones?

When the new lumias comes out, are the International versions will be available a well?
Are the new headsets will be available the same time as the phones?
Windows 8 Pro tablets maybe?
I refuse to utilize a carrier branded phone and i'm willing to pay the premium price for it. I never had a contract with any company and currently, I'm using an Unlocked Nokia lumia 800 with a prepaid plan on T-Mobile.

Can you ask them if they are going to have any kind of docking solution accessories available? I would like to dock my phone when I am in the office (charging + music output).

I would also like a docking solution for the car. The lumia 900 is way better than my garmin but my garmin has a good car windshield dock and charger that goes in the lighter. That kind of accessory would be killer for me.

tecknotot said,
Can you ask them if Verizon Wireless will be carrying the 920? (or anything from Nokia?) Thanks!

This a thousand times. Please hold their feet to the fire on this one. God knows there are some of us who want a solid Nokia device on Verizon. It would be amazing to see them break the mold and just offer the 920 on all carriers w/o renaming/branding etc. the device just like the iPhone.

MrHumpty said,

This a thousand times. Please hold their feet to the fire on this one. God knows there are some of us who want a solid Nokia device on Verizon. It would be amazing to see them break the mold and just offer the 920 on all carriers w/o renaming/branding etc. the device just like the iPhone.

I want that phone so badly, and I'm up for a new one right now. Verizon is going to **** us over.

Please ask this one!

Many of your customers were very disappointed upon hearing that the Lumia 900 will not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8. On ATT, Apple offers customers an opportunity to upgrade their phones early for a flat fee. Have you considered providing customers of the Lumia 900 a way to early upgrade to the next generation Windows Phone 8 devices?

Will you ever release a windows phone with the 41mp sensor? (Assuming we don't see one tomorrow) I'm just curious.

Also like another commenter said. Given that people have been buying Lumias recently, any plans to give them an upgrade/discount option to move up to WP8? Seems like a nice thing to do especially considering you want to make every good impression possible.

Will Nokia have a buyback program similar to Apple? Apple is giving $345 rebate in return of iPhone 4S. This will be great if Nokia can do something similar to speed up the adoption of the newer devices.

Simple questions that could be made to Nokia:

Are they going to continuously and quickly make the latest technology available to consumers available, pushing inovation forward, and setting up the pace in the field?

(as in, today motorola came up up with XPTO+core nºX smartphone, can we expect Nokia to release a smartphone in the next day with XPTO+core nºX+1)

It's just that it feel like Nokia will always be dragging behing if the competition keeps releasing newer and better models everytime, making available devices with better characteristics and better value for money

(in a world of dick-measuring competition, it all comes down to phone specifications, and if Nokia has the best ones, they will get noticed sooner or later)

Landscape like n900
Portrait like dell venue pro

Eseries replacement
a E-72 replacement
xenon flash like N82

matching color tablet ultrabook and accesories from nokia

push of win8 to latam markets

Better hardware accessories support
Whilst I understand there are good reasons for Nokia placing important connectors at the top of the phone it makes it difficult for a good supporting hardware eco system to exist.

For example Apple has many music docking stations, cables, car cradles and cases. This makes for a very strong eco system.

It is very difficult to get a good car kit cradle for the Lumia due to the headphone and charging connectors being at the top of the device. This means cradles do not have the connectors for audio out and charging as part of the cradle. In fact there is only one cradle that has this in the whole market. It is therefore very messy to cradle and connect your Nokia phone.

I know the usb connector has now been moved to the bottom of the phone but when will the audio (headphone) connector be moved there?

Also when will Nokia have audio docking stations ? Have they seen the bluetooth dongle that connects to any iPhone music docking station that enables any phone with bluetooth to stream audio through the speakers (see three examples below)?

Will the wireless chargers be the same colour as the phone bought or all phones will with a same coloured charger (This would be crap!)?

Also as the person above mentioned, it is hard to get car kit for Nokia due to the unique position of it's buttons.

How often are they intending to update their Lumia 800 and 900 series? In other words, will Nokia have one flagship model for each range annually (i.e. like the iPhone) or will they be flooding the market (i.e. like Samsung's Android devices), or something in-between?

Could they please release the custom mix of Yoann Le Dantec's Autumn Souvenir used in the "Things are about to change" teaser (with the girl on her bike)?

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