[Update] We're upgrading our forums on Sunday to IPB 3.1

Starting sometime this weekend, we will be upgrading our forums to Invision Power Board 3.1 which was released in the summer, and has since seen 4 minor updates taking our version directly to 3.1.4. Neowin has never jumped on first time releases due to the complexity of our skin and inevitable bugs that crop up after major versions are rolled out. Atlas has been updated to include all of the new social connectors that have been added to the forum software.

Please note that we will be upgrading with just one color, that being our trademark (light) blue default parent skin. The forums can then undergo a live test period so we can iron out any bugs we've missed, before we do the rest of the colors.

The skin was outsourced to IPBForumskins.com and it will be our last (major) IPB update.

Future plans involve Neowin creating its own "Ignition" forum software, that will be built alongside our custom Content Management System. The initial database development and coding has already started which means that we will no longer have to continually modify the forum software to make it do what we want. Upgrading major versions are a real pain unless we want a "vanilla" experience, and we've never had that since we first started using IPB back when it first released in 2003.

2011 will bring a further customized experience for our readers, and we hope that by launching IPB 3.1.4 we can get an idea of what is really important to our readership when we eventually move to our own custom forum software.

Update: It has been decided by our overlord Marcel (Redmak) that the upgrade will start on the morning of Sunday 19 December. (EU time)

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Good luck. I hope it doesn't turn into the fiasco that the last upgrade was! The fact that no one realized that Google would need to completely reindex the site after the upgrade was bad planning, and caused a LOT of unneeded downtime.

We knew they would, we just thought they'd have some control built in on their end to prevent them trying to reindex so fast they cause a DoS

Ethere said,
I've been through quite a few upgrades since my original time here at Neowin. Ahh, the good old days!


I hate URL smiley's. Sorry guys.

Hopefully thats something they can fix in their new forum software. The code to replace text with smileys really should be more intelligent than that and should only work if the smiley characters have a space each side of them.

Don't take too long in adding other colours.
Echoing an above poster, I can't handle the default blue, its too bright for me (even in good light)

Intrigued by the plans of Neowin's own forum software...a steep mountain to climb I'd imagine, but good luck

All you people who are against the switch, how do you even notice a difference between each forum? They all have the same basic look with tweaks and themes. Aside from being a developer and using one then you dont notice the difference. Anyways, glad Im working Sunday, itll keep me away and hopefully by the new year all the colours will be back.

You all know of Murphy's Law, right?!!

What's been the issue here lately with links opening new windows/tabs that shouldn't and links that should open new ones not?

On top of that, a lot of links that do open new windows simply lead to a page that can't be found due to malformed url's.

Here's wishing you BAD luck!!
I HATE when people wish ME good luck. Things NEVER work out for me then!!
Not superstitious, to much.

Sounds great and I look forward to seeing your own home grown forum software. you certainly have the ability to make something that is leading I am sure. you never know you may be able to license it too in future and make cash that way!

my favorite forum gets even better...looks like I'll have to occupy myself elsewhere....until the upgrade's complete, that is . Neobond...Dave....Steven....ya'll just keep making it better and better! (and all of the rest of the hamsters who are unmentioned...)

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