Western Digital launches world's fastest SATA disk

Overclockers and gamers, prepare to meet your next hard drive: the 300GB VelociRaptor from Western Digital. Said to be 35% faster than previous WD Raptors, the 10,000 RPM drive features a 3Gbps SATA interface, 16MB cache, and impressive 1.4 million hour MTBF thanks in part to the IcePack Mounting Frame. The IcePack heat sink not only keeps the drive spinning extra cool, it also bumps the 2.5-inch HDD to a required 3.5-inch drive bay. Available exclusively on Alienware's ALX gaming desktop this month and then up for grabs for everybody with $300 to burn starting mid-May.

View: Western Digital: PressRelease
View: Western Digital: Product Page
Link: Tom's Hardware Review

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so what is this then? just an enterprise level 2.5" SAS drive with a SATA2 controller card swapped in? oh, and a huge honkin aluminum sled so it fits in a consumer computer case?

now, dont get me wrong. im allllll for faster drives. but why not save some dough and just use the normal form factor drive. is the 1ms seek time you MIGHT save with the smaller platers REALLY that big of a deal?

Seek time is not the entire story. Check the detailed data at Tom's Hardware where they benchmarked the 10K RPM VelociRaptor against several enterprise level 2.5" SAS drives at both 10K and 15K. Overall performance of the VelociRaptor is better than even Seagate's Savvio 15K.1 which costs more than the VelociRaptor.

Doesn't everybody need this extra speed? Of course not. But some people do, and some of those people don't consider $300 to be a huge amount to spend on serious storage. I paid over $400 for a floppy drive in 1982. Adjusted for inflation, that would be $900 today (plus, I would need about 790,000 double-sided, double-density floppy diskettes to total the same capacity as 1 VelociRaptor).

OH NOES!!1!1 Raptors are expensive!!!11

People that buy these drives usually have a (or many )huge slow ass secondary drive to store crap on.
Raptors are about speed.

(aarste said @ #1)
To take advantage of the increased speed of Sata 3, the motherboard would have to support it too, right?

No, this is SATA 2. 3 refers to 3GB/s, which is the max transfer rate.

topic should be "western digital announces", not "launches" as its not out to mid-may and the drives reviewed are engineering samples.

c_guy they DO have 5yr warranties.

I want this in my computer.


I have WD's 74 GB 10,000 RPM SATA drives and they have improved my PC's performance dramatically. Can't wait to upgrade to the 300GB version :D

I hope these come with WD's standard 5-year warranty, it's an excellent warranty. Had to have my 36GB 10,000 RPM drive replaced once and there was no hassle at all.

Me wants!

I never bought the old raptors because I thought it was stupid to have a 10k drive with only SATA 1.5. Now we have 10k, 16MB, and 3.0... WOO!

LMAOOO @ pic.. nice :D

and also NICE for the warranty that comes with these puppies... IIRC, WD only ever had 3 year warranties on its HDDs... that's why i usually would opt for Seagate (5 years)

from the product page it looks like these now get 5 year limited warranties ( link )... awesome