What a whopper! Huawei hints at giant 6-inch Windows Phone

At long last, Huawei has finally revealed its worst-kept secret, with representatives from the company at CES showing off and discussing its first Windows Phone 8 handset, the W1. We've been hearing about the device for many months now - it was hoped that it would be revealed back in September, but Huawei quickly dismissed those rumours, while a steady stream of leaks kept us hoping for more.

The W1, Huawei's first Windows Phone 8 handset - but not its last

There's no denying that the W1 isn't the most thrilling handset on the market, but as Huawei itself has said, the device is intended to occupy the lower echelons of the Windows Phone hardware family; it was never intended to be a flagship powerhouse. But that could change soon.

As CNET Asia reports, Huawei product manager Richard Bhudhikanok has confirmed that the W1 isn't the only Windows Phone in the works from the Chinese manufacturer. He revealed that the company is currently developing another Windows Phone 8 handset that will be "similar to" the giant Ascend Mate, the mighty 6.1-inch phablet which the company also announced at CES, and which will go head-to-head with Samsung's Galaxy Note II.

On the face of it, Bhudhikanok's comments suggest that Huawei's flagship Windows Phone 8 handset will be similarly monstrous - but as he stopped short of revealing any further details, we'll just have to wait and see. As CNET notes, Huawei has previously confirmed that two more devices will be unveiled at next month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - which is expected to be a hotbed of Windows Phone news, including a possible announcement of "Apollo Plus", the next major update to Microsoft's mobile OS.

Source: CNET Asia | Image via WPCentral

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Why are we still holding phones next to our head? Anybody ever consider using a bluetooth device or a wired ear bud?

What I want is a tablet that I can make phone calls on. There is nothing available for this.

Nope, it's all lies.
HTC told us a screen can't scale 720p to even 5.7"
6" will be overkill.

If HTC scrapped their top of the line flagship citing OS incompatabilities, this cannot be done.

WP8.5 with 1080p support maybe.

this would require a bottle of glint and window viper to be kept handy at all times for keeping the display clean of smudges and finger prints.

This and the Note II are made specifically for basketball players and Lumberjacks. Who else has hands that big except maybe Ronald McDonald

Big phones aren't the trend right now, people need mobiles that they can carry forward to any place and can be handled for me even Samsung Galaxy S3 too isn't an ideal phone leave aside huawei made gaint phones.


I know WP8 doesn't support it yet, but at that screen size, it'd be nice if it was 1920x1080 resolution. This is just crazy - phones need to not get bigger. How about improving things like battery?! I feel like CPU/GPU's are improving, screens are getting bigger, yet battery technology is left behind. A plain old WTF

In case you don't know how to pronouce the company name Huawei, it's "Who are we?"

Edited by Simon-, Jan 8 2013, 1:26pm :

I know the S3 is a big phone, but I don't think I could get a device that big. A colleague bought the Note II and only kept it for 2 days. He said it was too cumbersome to make phone calls with.

Yeah using a large phone has so many shortcomings, its like we've gone back to the old days of brick mobiles. They are annoying in your pocket (that is if they fit at all) and you look like a complete moron holding it up to speak let alone that fact they are very cumbersome to handle. I wouldn't advise anyone buy one as a primary phone, I guess they could be used as media consumption devices? Anyway let the consumers decide, doesn't float my boat!

I have an S3 and a business partner plunked down his Note II, at first I thought Wow, this is a great screen, but soon realized it feels like it has 3x the mass...I'm very happy with my S3, I could see a 5 inch working well too...any larger gets cumbersome to carry and use.