What console do you plan to buy later this year?

What a difference two weeks make.

On June 6, Microsoft announced several digital rights management requirements of its upcoming Xbox One console, including a mandatory Internet check once every 24 hours and the ability of publishers to restrict the sale of used games. Those requirements were nixed on Wednesday, however, when Microsoft backtracked on the policies in the wake of a negative reaction at the E3 gaming conference last week.

At the conference, Sony received a standing ovation for its announcement that the PlayStation 4 would not restrict the sale of used games or require a mandatory Internet check for any period of time.

Neowin users were overwhelmingly opposed to the previously announced Xbox One DRM requirements, with 47 percent of respondents saying they opposed the Internet check and restriction on used games sales after Microsoft revealed the policies. Another 11 percent said their opinions of the console remained unfavorable, though 17 percent said their opinions of the console remained favorable.

Nintendo's Wii U was released last year, though this poll is only interested in whether you plan on buying either console set for release later this year. 

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What console do you plan on getting later this year?

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I was originally going to buy both, but then the One's DRM got announced so it was just the PS4. Now I'm considering the One again, but I will wait a minimum of one year to see what they do with it exactly, and how things go with the Kinect 2, but I will probably end up waiting two years for the price to come down. I still don't trust MS to have my best interests at heart, they haven't won me back yet.

archer75 said,
Neither. I'll wait for prices to drop.

That's the attitude:
1) price drop / convenient pack.
b) wait for a better collection of games.
3) polished firmware.
4) polisher hardware.

I was really looking forward to the Xbox One but now that they took out so many of the cool features, it's not as shiny and awesome as it was a week ago.

(I'm serious... If you don't listen to the mob mentality of the internet, the Xbox One sounded really cool.)

This year I plan to get the Ouya because there's an XBMC version for it. Right now I need an upgraded XBMC media center setup more than a console upgrade. Next year, after the hands-on reviews come in, I'll probably get the X1.

First, xboxone is not a global console (lots of countries are out of the list, including Japan at least for a while) and most of the service will not be present in several countries.

It does hurt not only the number of users but it also the catalog of games.

first the PS4 isn't a global console, it will not launch everywhere at once. never has. did not happen with the PS1, 2, 3 and it will not happen with the PS4. sorry.

I'd be curious to see how this has changed with the recent announcements... Though I still think the price will hurt them in the family market where mom and dad are picking out a console (And let's be honest, they're "all the same" other than the price...).

Well, I was all set to buy an Xbox One until Microsoft caved to the idiot gallery that wants to stay in the technological dark ages and kill progress. I'm sick of the simpletons driving Microsoft to back track on development. Windows 8 is reflecting some of that same effect by bringing back the stupid Start Button and adding boot-to-desktop.

It's the PS4 for me... for basically one reason only, you don't have to pay to access media streaming. I only ever played one game online (CoD) and I'm pretty much bored with that now, haven't played it for months. So I'm fine with not gaming online anymore.

Is a shame really as I love Microsoft as a company (as I'm sure we all do here!) and I think the hardware looks better.

Draken said,
Both, with a new 42" TV and 7.1 headphones, my xmas present

Can I be a part of your family? lol I wish I could get both as presents and a new TV. I'll be going with the PS4 for financial reasons and I don't like the reversal that Microsoft pulled and its consequences. I'll eventually get the Xbox One80 but not for a few years with a price drop to no more than $349Cdn.

I'm undecided now MS have done a U-turn , there should be an undecided option.

I'll wait and see what varies tech sites say about the hardware in each and go from there.

PS4 -there is nothing else. Only Windows 7 I'll keep using that is made by MS. Nothing else.

Also, this poll has votes by those who get paid by MS. It's more than crystal clear. Can't be such fools otherwise, to change their mind in no time and support the company that is constantly spying and tried to pwn all gamers generally.

I have just never 'got' what the appeal is of games consoles. Never had one, even as a kid. I've always been quite happy with the PC.

That's particularly true now I see the difference in price between a typical PC title and what's coming up for Xbox One (I don't know about PS4). On the other hand my PC did cost four times as much as a console.

I can see if I ever went to a lower powered PC I might use a console for gaming.

I'm the exact same way. Lol @ Both Sony/MS for saying "Launch Window" now means until April. There is like 1-2 games I want at REAL launch (November). But most must-have games (Titanfall) won't be out till April.

I'm going to wait till either Spring/Summer, then get one. This will also give me the added benefit of avoiding any launch console issues, as well as see how both consoles seem to perform in the real world (after all the hype has died out)

I'm a PC gamer so neither of these consoles was on my to-buy list. I would, however, like a wired version of that Xbox One controller.

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