What has Facebook been "building" for next week's press event?

We are pretty sure that the employees of Facebook, and its CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, think back of 2012 as a year of ups and downs. The ups included increasing its user base to a whopping one billion active accounts and the downs included the launch of its IPO which quickly saw its stock price plummet to as low as 50 percent below its starting price of $38 a share.

This week, Facebook is apparently trying to start 2013 with a big and mysterious press event. Engadget reports that they and other members of the media will be heading to Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, California to attend a press conference on Tuesday, January 15th.

So far, the only clue as to what the company might be working on is the invite itself, which says that the press will "see what we're building." Of course, that kind of phrase suggests something physical and there have been a ton of rumors that Facebook has been working with HTC on some kind of smartphone that has a Facebook theme. Or it could be referring to the code that they are compiling, at this point, it's all conjecture. 

Zuckerberg has also hinted strongly that Facebook is actively working on some kind of new search engine technology. A Facebook-powered Internet search engine could be a big rival to Google and Microsoft's Bing, thanks in part to its one billion Facebook user base.

In any case, we should soon see what Facebook has up its sleeve.

Source: Engadget | Image via Facebook

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It's a phone, that is also a game console, but it's portable, and it runs Windows 8. It has a vent on the back where Steam comes out because it's also a rice cooker that runs Android.

Dancing .gif-unicorns and sparkling marquee text, MySpace style. Also the ability to have music play when someone opens your profile.

Hmm, I don't think it's about a revision for something existing (the web interface) or service integrations. This is not my idea of "building", which I think hints more about something completely new. Taken literally, building could mean it's about hardware, but I doubt it. I don't believe in a Facebook phone in particular.

But regardless what it is, I think "building" implies "... from scratch". It should be interesting!

One new feature they've been working on is Products (formerly tested as Collections), and as a Products section started showing up in the Activity Log this week (when you click on More, near Photos), I suspect the release of that feature is soon. Such a feature might dictate a press event because Facebook will likely be partnering with certain retailers and brands for it, adding more and more as time goes on (at least, it partnered with a few specific brands for the testing of the feature). One reason we know this is possible is because they held a press event for their Gifts feature, in order to announce some new partners.

Having said that, they may not have a press event for the feature, and this could well be for the search engine or even the mobile phone.

Exciting times for an avid Facebook fan!

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