What if Office 365 was a car or dessert? Two new videos have the answer

Microsoft has been known to release promo videos for their products that are a little out of left field, such as the Japanese TV ads for Windows 8. Today, Microsoft debuted two new videos on YouTube that offer a new way to look at Office 365; a very new way.

One of the videos show people, who we assume are Office 365 team members, describing what Office 365 would be if it were a car. As you might imagine, there are a ton of different answers that are given for a question that we have never considered before. Some think Office 365 is like a high end sports car like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, while others think it is a more practical car such as a Beetle or a Mini-van. One of the team members went out of the box, saying that if Office 365 were a car, it would be a plane. Ok.

The other new video asks the question, "If Office 365 was a dessert, what would it be?" This topic seems to take the people in the video some time to wrap their mind around but eventually they answer the question with a few different responses. They include a cheesecake, a cupcake, an apple pie and a well done tiramisu.

We have no idea who came up with these videos in the Office 365 marketing department, but they are fun to watch. Enjoy.

Source: Office on YouTube

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MS got nothing innovative left in their company. Office suite has reached it feature plateau and what MS doing right now is changing UI and making strategies which for keep milking the users. Just look at Office 2013, everything is so white and flat and MENU in CAPS lock that is so annoying and disgusting. I am content with Office 2010 and will remain use it foreseeable future.

No matter how much you want to spice it up, Office is a boring product. Its a fantastic product, but its really not a product for the rest of your life. I even stopped sending Word documents by email and prefer PDF.

I'm not in marketing but simply the fact it has us having a discussion about it demonstrates that it's successful marketing. It's a talking point, a "have you seen this video" idea and it works.