What to See at the Microsoft PDC

The Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in October will have a little something for every type of Microsoft developer. The Microsoft event will feature sessions on software modeling, agile development, cloud computing, Silverlight, and a whole lot more.

This year's Microsoft Professional Developers Conference will be chock full of content for developers focused on the Microsoft platform. If nothing else, the pre-conference sessions that will run Oct. 26, the day before the PDC actually begins, indicate a richness and variety of what Microsoft plans to offer its developer base. The pre-conference sessions will touch on everything from .Net data access and advanced Windows debugging to agile development, multi-core Programming on Windows and .Net and creating rich Internet applications with Silverlight.

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If they are aiming for a late 2009/early 2010 release for Windows 7, I'm quite sure they will divulge info about Windows 7. Maybe not so much about features, but definitely about development tools and other features developers can take advantage of.

they wont let anything about windows 7...if at all they will show multi touch only...they dont want to show until its ready for Roll out...