What's Next for DVD?

Media attention these days focuses mostly on the high-definition Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD formats. Yet in this interim period--while high-def adoption ever-so-slowly ramps up--standard DVD continues to see updates and new products. Here's a wrap-up of the most interesting (and the more pedestrian) DVD players and burners that have crossed my desk this summer.

Sony recently began shipping the latest iteration of its stand-alone DVD burner, the DVDirect. The $230 VRD-MC5 is no ordinary external drive--it's intended for use independent of your PC. In fact, that's the first major change in this version: The DVDirect can no longer even connect to a PC. According to Sony, the capability was removed because the company's research showed that 97 percent of DVDirect users didn't bother with a PC. Gone, too, is support for PictBridge, which let you slot in a memory card and output a photo via a PictBridge printer.

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Perhaps Sony is doing the old "lets force a format upgrade here". Lets jump on the blu-ray ship and hope it doesn't sink

Stup0t said,
Perhaps Sony is doing the old "lets force a format upgrade here". Lets jump on the blu-ray ship and hope it doesn't sink :)

Well Titanic is now HD DVD exclusive..... I think you can see what I'm saying here. ;)
Unsinkable Blu-Ray has hit an iceberg and the Tortoise is swimming up behind.... or something like that. I don't really know... Move along.... nothing to see here....

Shining Arcanine said,
I think that the next thing for DVDs will be audio DVDs to enhance the quality of audio disks and allow more audio to be recorded per disk.

Maybe they could call it.... DVD Audio... and maybe release it 7 years ago.

Because nobody used it with a PC, or because of their "war on piracy"? I think it's pretty obvious why they really crippled it, and that is exactly what they've done.

ok, first, wtf?!? who the hell would want to use an "independant" external drive for if you can't even copy data from your PC on it? To copy a movie DVD for backup? make backup of your data DVD?? It's the most stupid invention ever....

it seems to me that this article is biased and a free publicity for a Sony product!? Like it's just funny how the text jumps from a very vague intro to this other paragraph describing something that could've taken like 10 words.

Generally I am very pleased with the class and the quality of the article presented here on Neowin, but damn, i'm still surprised that trash like that get posted sometimes