WhatsApp for Windows Phone update leaks, now works properly in background

WhatsApp, the insanely popular cross-platform messaging app, is about to get the update Windows Phone users have been waiting for. The current experience lags behind that of the Android and iOS version as there is no proper support for multi-tasking and image support is ropey. 

WPCentral has obtained pictures and information about the next update, v2.9.69. The service is finally embracing Microsoft's multi-tasking APIs, instead of leaving a song "streaming" to open the connection to the WhatsApp server. According to the update notes, the WhatsApp developers have completely "rewritten our background agent code for increased performance." WhatsApp now appears in the background tasks settings, too. 

WhatsApp for Windows Phone has also been updated to include large image support, so inline images are easier to see. "Fast resume" has also been added along with notification fixes. 

Nokia has been working with the WhatsApp team to improve the service and this may be the outcome. The updates make the app far more useable on Windows Phone, especially for heavy WhatsApp users who like to send and receive a lot of pictures or leave the app running all day long. 

WPCentral also reports that WhatsApp responded over an issue they found with geotagging a user's location without permission. WhatsApp is working with Microsoft on a fix, but cannot provide an ETA. 

Source: WPCentral | Images via My Nokia Blog and WPCentral 

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just checked the windows phone store in my country for this new update and people are still rating it mostly as low as 1-2 stars. their feedback is kinda devastating.

is it really that hard to code a well working windows phone app? is there any special challenge for the developers? i have no idea of that process but i am wondering. why do other platforms have that excellent apps in contrary to windows phone? i can imagine coding an app is not rocket science but still requires skill. so what is it that whasapp still sucks?

I sold my Windows Phone over a year ago because of this issue.
I sent a few emails to Whatsapp telling them it doesn't work properly in background and they sent a reply telling me it did .

It's about time. To give them credit, they've been working on the WP app for awhile. Kik abandoned their app over a year ago and they don't plan on updating it.

Great update, I might actually use it now... Would like it better if it could be integrated into the messaging hub though. With unlimited texting, messenger and Facebook chat all integrated that's all I use at the moment...

I can't believe they used to "stream" a song to keep it running before, no wonder it was such a battery killer! Even bedroom coders can program much better than that, shocking

/self eagerly installs WhatsApp. App verifies phone number. App adds all contacts who have WhatsApp installed.

/self sees only one contact uses WhatsApp.....and it's his.....ex-wife

Sad that its Nokia having to harass app developers to improve the winphone support instead of Microsoft themselves. Only so much Nokia can do

MVD said,
Sad that its Nokia having to harass app developers to improve the winphone support instead of Microsoft themselves. Only so much Nokia can do

On one hand I agree that Microsoft should do more but on the other hand many developers come from an anti-Microsoft culture. They dont like Microsoft pushing them to do something. Nokia is considered much cooler. So I'm fine with Nokia helping build up a relationship with devs until the point where WP itself is considered cool to develop for.

As for this update, its long overdue. You have plenty of quality messasing apps that make proper use of Windows Phone's functionalities. And then you have the biggest messaging services out there and it uses some amateuristic backdoor trick to provide their service. It was shameful and I would have uninstalled it if it wasnt used by literally 100% of my favorite contacts.

But Im happy to see WhatsApp finally offering full support to WP. They've been doing a lot for their WP app the last few months.

I'm quite sure Nokia knew it would be partially their resonsibility to make WP great.
Microsoft made a very wise choice to make Nokia their primary partner, of all Phone Giants it's the only one focussing their company on phones.

I noticed the freaking awesome attachment menu with the latest WhatsApp update and the proper tile icon and I was wondering how could they manage to do it as their app was **** on WP. I guess it was the Nokia touch.