WhatsApp is now serving 600 million monthly active users

Not showing any signs of slowing down, WhatsApp has just hit another major milestone. Just four months after announcing that the service has 500 million worldwide users, WhatsApp CEO and co-founder Jan Koum has tweeted that the service has now surpassed 600 million worldwide users.

That number, by the way, is for monthly active users, and not just the total registered users-- Jan Koum made sure to point that out in his 112 character tweet. All-in-all its not too bad for a company that was founded just five years ago in 2009 and has since grown to become the world's largest social network, significantly penetrating the market in the developing world. As WhatsApp is platform independent and can seamlessly be used across iPhones, Android phones and Windows Phones, it makes for an extremely attractive SMS-alternative to those wanting to stay in touch.

Earlier this year in February, WhatsApp made headlines after being acquired by Facebook for an astonishing $16 billion. This acquisition led to a large amount of backlash, especially over concerns for privacy, however Jan Koum quickly addressed these issues and emphasized that WhatsApp's "fundamental values and beliefs would not change."

Source: Twitter | Image via Mashable

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I don't know one single person that uses whatsapp.

That's not to say their numbers are flawed, I'm just wondering where all these 600 million users are.

I don't know a single person that doesn't use it *shrugs* I guess it depends on where you live (eg. it doesn't seem to be that popular in the US, probably because of the ubiquitousness of flat SMS rates).

BajiRav said,
Everyone I know uses it. Are you based in the US?

I'm based in the US but I have family in Hong Kong and Vietnam, all of them use Viber and I wish to god they would ditch viber in favor of whats app or something that is at least reliable and doesn't kill your battery but they are all stuck on viber.

Order_66 said,
I don't know one single person that uses whatsapp.

That's not to say their numbers are flawed, I'm just wondering where all these 600 million users are.

For some odd reason, it is not popular in the US. I think it has to do with what someone mentioned about SMS being basically free in the US.

These years must be the heaven for the zionist secret service agencies worldwide. Having total control over 600 million sheeps 24/7 communication must have been the wet dream of all the dictators and mass murderer emperors who have ever lived on this dust ball.

I'm using Telegram Messenger instead ;) It works nearly the same way, but it has a client for all devices and is much more secure. I'm not sure if this is the case with WhatsApp too, but it lets you share any type of files, which is great for transferring stuff between my phone and PC :ike:

aristofeles said,
In Brazil if you have a smartphone (almost everyone does) we all assume you have whatsapp, it's that popular.

Same in Venezuela, no Whatsapp means you don't own a smartphone here

ACTIONpack said,
I've fully doubt it's over 600 million. Maybe half of that.

Why would you doubt that? He was clear these were active monthly account....