When Bill met Steve...

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Apple chief executive Steve Jobs have appeared on stage together for the first time in more than two decades. Billed as a public "conversation" between two giants of the computer industry, the event at the All Things Digital conference, hugely anticipated by technology buffs, was seen as a long overdue opportunity for two of the greatest pioneers in the industry to go head to head.

But would they re-live old feuds or shuffle uncomfortably in their seats if touchy subjects cropped up? It was not to be. The question and answer session at the D: All Things Digital conference, turned out to be more of a love-in between old pals. The pair reminisced about how their respective businesses had grown over the years.

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All that censored bickering up there flicked on a memory of me: around the time of Vista's launch, someone defaced the giant Vista orb painted on the wall of Toronto's Finch station and scribbled "Linux" across it. Or those guys that put Apple logos in ads with Windows Media Player 11.

Fanboy wars at their finest. :sleeping:

*sigh* People need to start realizing that they shouldn't try to slander another OS just because he/she didn't like it or doesn't want to try out another OS or out of fear. Fear? you ask. Yes, fear. Fear that the skills one has gained on the OS he/she currently uses will no longer apply, and the fear that they won't be able to do what they want because the unfamiliar OS will be just that - unfamiliar.

Regarding the comments about looking at them like gods, you really shouldn't. They are merely fathers and co-founders of modern computing. Do Americans consider George Washington, the first President of the United States and "father" of the USA, a god? No. Why consider them to be gods?

I may use only Windows and Linux personally, but I enjoy working with Macs when I am given the opportunity. I love the UI (I'm one of those crazy fans that go out of their way to make their UI look a Mac UI). I wonder... Has anybody tried to duplicate an older Mac interface on a newer computer? :P

One might also consider remembering the fact that the companies they created are responsible for how much sloewr things are today. How can I say that? While it is quite an unfair benchmark, it does prove that modern computers could benefit from going back to roots and learning from them - http://hubpages.com/hub/_86_Mac_Plus_Vs_07...elieve_Who_Wins

I am not really attacking the idea that modern computing is great. I am attacking the fact that people believe "newer is better", which results in something like "if we can do it, why not?" This method of thinking is good in some cases, but in the world of computers, it isn't necessarily a good thing. Creating new software to take full advantage of the new hardware is good in theory. However, if you take full advantage, what is the point of doing so? The idea is merely to test the limits of developers. I feel that it is good exercise for developers, but it isn't completely beneficial to users, technical or non-technical. There are sacrifices that are made. Why make those sacrifices if they aren't necessary? And that's the bottom line.

Thank you!
While you did go a bit more offtopic near the end, you stuck very close to my belief that computers are tools. They help us get our work done, and/or enjoy games. The choice of one's operating system or computer manufacturer boils down to personal preference, and the capabilities you need most often.

Myself, I am a Mac user. I won't defend Mac like I would defend my religion. It does have a nice UI, and the foundation of a POSIX operating system. It also lets me run Firefox and Photoshop. This is simply my preference.

You use windows? That's fine by me. Prefer Linux? Terrific.

Let's stop being dicks about this, and learn to get along. (All of our computers seem to do so well, why can't we?)

Quotes rarely get better than this pearl:

"You had two of the biggest figures in Silicon Valley coming together and giving us their insight... here they are as myth and gods and the audience was there to witness that."
Spoken like a true geek who desperately needs a relationship.

That's the stuff that gets on my nerves. How there's people out there that actually refer to these people as Gods.

I know some people are really passionate about their Macs or Windows, but looking at these people like they're Gods is just going too far


I'd like to see a meeting of Apple vs Microsoft Fan Boy conference in person... lol imagine what would it would be like...and you know it won't be physical......they just hack or debate each other until you walk away in defeat with your tail between your legs. lol

no really... I'm just amazed at the sarcasm and digs at each other in the skilfully crafted comments. some of you really take it to another level..... as if these companies are your reason for living.

Think about how many Microsoft and Apple fans were in that audience and how they all got along. If something happened with fanboys arguing during it, it would be all over the internet. It proves that not all of us are fanboys and that we can actually get along. it's the little kiddies on forums like this that start all the fanboy crap.

It really is pretty sad that people look at things like the Mac or Windows and act as if these things are gods and are willing to do whatever it takes to fight for it. Like that guy who bought Vista only to make a YouTube video of how stupid the case looked. He's the one that went out and paid $400.00 just to bash Windows only to have thousands of people call him a moron. Then you have the guys that buy game consoles on the release days just to take them outside and smash them. Who is more stupid in that situation? The people waiting outside with their hard earned money to buy it or all the idiots that sent these guys money through PayPal just to see them smash a console?

I'm not a racist, I hate all fanboys equally :cheeky:

lol at the fanboys :P

+ really nice show ... I laughed on the comments all over the internet .. asking if they'll kiss or fight or if we are gonna see some blood ...

and that they crossed their legs in opposite ways!

Jus to mark:

There is even a movie about apple and microsoft history, its named "Pirates of Silicon Valley", download it if you can, its funny and very interesting.

cardg said,
Jus to mark:

There is even a movie about apple and microsoft history, its named "Pirates of Silicon Valley", download it if you can, its funny and very interesting.

They also sold those shares a while ago...

SimplyPotatoes said,
Anyone who thinks Bill Gates is really the richest man needs to wake up.

He earns $200,000 an hour......it takes me a year to earn that.

SimplyPotatoes said,
Anyone who thinks Bill Gates is really the richest man needs to wake up.

Who gives a damn about Bill Gates and his money? How does that affect the quality of MS software? How does that excuse Microsoft's bullying of the industry?

Bill Gates is an egotistical jerk who thinks he's smarter than everyone else. And I bet Steve Jobs is too. Ever hear what Jobs is like at meetings?

When I sit down at a computer and have to deal with the software on it, that's what matters to me, not how rich the guy who made the software is.

^How about you fools cut the fanboy crap already and comment on the actual news story. If Bill and Steve can get along, I'm sure you people can too.