When journalism goes wrong

This week I have been reminded why I never let the Neowin readership believe we are professional journalists, as hard as it is to forget that Neowin is more than just "some relay site"; mainly because of the attention we get from some of the bigger sites/corporations, radio and even TV we have to remind ourselves where we came from, and what we are. This week we caught the attention and the wrath (it seems) of The Inquirer. I almost didn't care to respond to their article until I saw this, this morning.

I want to share what I now believe led up to this event.

The Inquirer was annoyed at our news article DirectX 9.0c is so yesterday, today its Direct X 9.1 or 9.2? and made that point crystal clear as you can see here: Direct X 9.x confusion further confused with the sub-title: Gutterwatch Neowin in story-of-its-own shocka. Apart from the fact that we have supported The Inquirer and its stories for about 3 years I was a bit taken back at how badly they portrayed us, because as they should know we are a relay site. We sometimes have our own articles but we are relay and always have been.

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Does Neowin really need them? Face it, Neowin is in a position similar to MS now, they are at the top and everyone wants to take us down. I support neowin (I think thats been obvious through the years) and whole heartedly agree with Neobond. For a professional team, they acted like a bunch of 12 year olds gossiping in the school yard. Chalk one up for the unprofessionals who know how to handle these situations in the manner they should be handled.

Thank you Neobond and the rest of the Neowin staff for doing such an outstanding job. No longer will I give the Inquirer any attention. Such energy can be used here, even if it is only a little bit.