'When Lumia 920 kiss Surface, who win?'

If you read the title and were a bit confused, it’s because it was the subject line written by a Chinese individual in an email to Stephen Elop. As the story goes, and we can’t confirm that the actual email response was from Elop, an individual in China dropped a Lumia 920 on to the screen of their Surface and, as you would expect, the Surface did not survive.

Nokia has a long history of building rock solid devices and it is often joked that Nokia’s are capable of breaking anything they come in to contact with. In this case, the Lumia 920 bested the Surface’s screen as you can see in the image above and the consumer was hoping Nokia would pay for the damages.

Obviously Elop was not willing to cover the expense as it was not Nokia’s fault but it is a bit amusing to see that his first reaction was to make sure that the Lumia 920 was ok (as if there was any doubt). Elop then suggests that the individual contact Microsoft as they will be more able to help with the situation but we doubt they will repair the product for free as it is the fault of the user and not Microsoft.

Even though the Surface is incredibly well built, large glass screens are typically prone to being shattered when hit by a hard object such as a Lumia 920.

Source: Mydrivers.com | Thanks for the tip Faikee!

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You may have been joking, but it actually did do this to my combat trousers. I have to keep it in a nice woolly sock now.

I just dropped my Lumia 920 on my way back. I was sure the vehicle would tear apart in the middle and I'd be in a hospital or on my way to hell. Thank God it didn't.

By the way, the phone is ok and without any scratch (it was a metallic floor).

Intrinsica said,
What makes you say that?

All of the exclamation points, the repetition of 'pieces' for comedic effect, the running joke about how durable Nokias are, the absurdity of asking if Nokia is responsible.

Intrinsica said,
What makes you say that?

no one is stupid enough to say nokia broke his surface screen because of something he caused to happen...... oh wait we are talking about normal idiots..... I take that back..

Microsoft tested the Surface's durability in a fancy drop testing machine, I've heard reports of it flying off car roofs with only a minor scratch to the paint work, being dropped from a fair height without incident, thrown around in acrobatic and "dance" manoeuvres, and Steven Sinofsky even used one as a skateboard, all without incident, but the one test Microsoft never did was the "Drop a Nokia phone on the Surface" test.
That's such a shame too, because it's a well known fact that if you wish to test the durability of a vehicle, you drive your car over a Nokia mobile and assess the damage potentially inflicted to the car, so the Surface should've had this test conducted upon it as well.

Oh well, maybe Surface 2 will have this unit test included.

Relativity_17 said,
Maybe Surface 2 should be built by Nokia.

You win, that is an awesome idea! Then we could have stylish AND indestructible tablets! However if you dropped your 920 on a Surface 2 by Nokia... The world would probably blow up so I don't know it it would pass safety certifications.

Relativity_17 said,
Maybe Surface 2 should be built by Nokia.

but then it would be a case of the unstoppable force meeting an immovable object! The world would end! Think of the children!

but then it would be a case of the unstoppable force meeting an immovable object! The world would end! Think of the children!

I'd prefer the indestructible tablet.

Anyway, it's too bad that Sinofsky took off and won't be demoing Surface 2 at its launch. I can totally see him doing a Nokia drop test on it. Not that it would end well...

Yes! Nokia will be certainly responsible for it. Screw you Nokia, stop breaking screems! It's 2013 and you still design phones that can fall from bed!

McKay said,
Please tell me that was sarcasm.

No! We need gyro stabilizers and inertial dampeners on our phones! If that surface hadn't stopped the Lumia's fall the whole bed or even that chinese guy himself could have ended up broken into pieces!!! Pieces!!