White Xbox One with Sunset Overdrive expected later this year, Madden bundle available 8/26

Earlier this year, a boatload of Xbox One rumors came out including one that said later this year, Microsoft would release a white version of the Xbox One and it looks like that information is accurate as a retailer in France accidently posted up the device.

Not just a console, but a bundle specifically as the device will come with Sunset Overdrive, a game Microsoft has been hyping up for some time as it will be an Xbox One exclusive. Gamescom is taking place next week, so it may be that this page went live ahead of an embargo for that event.

In addition to the white Xbox One console, there is another bundle coming out on August 26th that will match up the device with Madden 15. That bundle will cost $399, so in short, you get a free game with the console, saving you about $60.00. 

Both of these bundles will help to reduce the cost of the device to the consumer as non-bundled consoles do not ship with any games. Crucially, with the white Xbox One and Sunset Overdrive expected to be released in late October, we would expect that this bundle will be in high demand for the holiday shopping season.

We will be curious to see if these new bundles are able to move more units for Microsoft as their console has been falling behind the PS4.

Source: Microsoft (Madden Bundle) and Total Xbox (White Xbox One with Sunset Overdrive)

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I want that white console so bad!

Hopefully with a nice bundle we'll see some excellent sales on Sunset Overdrive.

I was never going to get Sunset Overdrive, but dat white Xbox... yep, getting it now.

EDIT: I also hope they release a white Kinect, but I'm not too concerned if they don't. I'll get the standard version if necessary.

I love the look of these white consoles, I'm just not sure the OCD in me would actually buy one to put next to the rest of my black electronics under the TV.

I think they need to drop the price $50 so giving you are free $60 game (assuming you'd buy it for $60) makes it a little better deal.

Thats good that they have a bundle coming out without kinect with the free game. Only bundle i see in retail anymore is the Forza with kinect.