WhiteHat Aviator 32.0.1700.72

WhiteHat Aviator

With every website you visit, you’re vulnerable to malicious hackers out to steal your surfing history, passwords, email access, bank account numbers, medical info, and more. And the “big browsers” don’t do enough to stop it. But now you can protect yourself before you go on the Web – with WhiteHat Aviator, the Web’s most secure and private browser. With WhiteHat Aviator, you get the industry’s best and tightest security and privacy safeguards – all built-in, all activated, all ready-to-go.

What makes WhiteHat Aviator so secure?

WhiteHat Aviator; is built on Chromium, the same open-source foundation used by Google Chrome. Chromium has several unique, powerful security features. One is a "sandbox" that prevents websites from stealing files off your computer or infecting it with viruses.

WhiteHat Aviator comes ready-to-go with hardened security and privacy settings, giving hackers less to work with. The default search engine is DuckDuckGo – not Google, which logs your activity. For good measure, Aviator integrates Disconnect – a crucial extension that blocks advertisements and much of the privacy-destroying tracking used across the Internet.

WhiteHat Aviator is the only browser that is immediately ready and preconfigured with activated defenses against the most dangerous hacker attacks using technology that blocks unwanted ads, pop-ups, and spyware.

WhiteHat Aviator also includes online scam and virus protection that warns you if a Web page you are about to visit is known to be fraudulent or harmful to your computer. Further, WhiteHat Aviator automatically updates to ensure your defenses are always cutting edge. And if WhiteHat Aviator comes across a malvertisement, our high-security "sandbox" keeps that code contained and unable to infect your computer.

Aviator is designed for the every day person who really values their online security and privacy:

  • We bundled Aviator with Disconnect to remove ads and tracking
  • Aviator is always in private mode
  • Each tab is sandboxed (a sandbox provides controls to help prevent one program from making changes to others, or to your environment)
  • We strip out referring URLs across domains to protect your privacy
  • Flash and Java are click-to-play – greatly reducing the risk of drive-by downloads
  • We block access to websites behind your firewall to prevent Intranet hacking

Download: WhiteHat Aviator 32.0.1700.72 | 62.0 MB (Freeware)
Download: WhiteHat Aviator for Mac OS X | 53.2 MB
View: WhiteHat Aviator Homepage

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These people kill me trying to make it sound like advertising is somehow so evil and destructive that people need to protect themselves from a damn banner ad (that actually allows them to access the website they're on for free). If there was no advertisements, there would be no internet really - 90%+ of websites will simply not exists. The internet will be a bunch of shopping sites and news sites that require subscription for the most part. So shove your secure browser where the sun don't shine. WhiteHat Security - can't come up with an original name even...

What are you smoking? All it takes is 1 infected ad banner and poof, you're not doing much on the net. At least for a while.

" If there was no advertisements, there would be no internet really - 90%+ of websites will simply not exists"

What are you smoking? I block every ad under the sun and have absolutely no problem surfing the net!

Granted, ads can be good and stuff, but not needed what so ever on a site that isn't at least indirectly selling something, IMO.

Yet another browser that claims it has more protection/privacy than Chrome. Is there any really good reason why I should use this instead of all the other chromium browsers?

Gornot said,
Oh, look, ANOTHER one... Yawn.

Let's play a game. We name all the Chromium built browsers we know apart from Chrome.
Me first - Obviously.
1. SRWare Iron
2. Chromeplus now CoolNovo - Discontinued (development stalled)
3. Comodo Dragon
4. Coowon
5. Yandex
6. RockMelt - Discontinued (Acquired)

CodeWeavers CrossOver
Comodo Dragon
CoolNovo, called ChromePlus prior to January 2012
Cờ Rôm+
Epic Browser
Flock which was discontinued in April 2011
Opera began to base its web browser on Chromium with version 15
Rockmelt was formerly a release of Chromium for Windows Mobile and iOS under a commercial proprietary licence. Shut down after August 31, 2013. Yahoo! plans to integrate Rockmelt's technology into other products.
SRWare Iron
Superbird Browser
Titan Browser
Yandex browser

Taken from the Chromium wiki page.

spikey_richie said,
Taken from the Chromium wiki page.

Lol. I specifically said we should name all the Chromium built browsers we know because I pretty much know there will be some not listed on the Chromium page eg - Coowon.

My list is made up of those builds, I have at some point in time used, and I must say out of those listed my favourite is/was Coolnovo up until their Version The list would have been more, probably around 7-9 in total. There are at least two builds that come to mind, I just can't remember their name.

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