Wi-Fi chip suppliers racing to offer cheap 802.11n

With 802.11n poised to become the mainstream Wi-Fi standard, chips suppliers are racing to lower their costs and offer affordable single-chip solutions at 90nm and below in order to get a head-start in the market, according to industry sources. In 2007, the industry still had doubts about the acceptance of 802.11n, but now chip suppliers are concerned about how to roll out their solutions quickly and and cheaply to cater to growing demand in the market, the sources commented.

Single-chip solutions at 90nm and below are promising, with Broadcom, Atheros and Ralink Technology all having told their downstream clients that their single-chip 802.11n solutions will start volume production in the first half of this year, the sources said.

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Not yet. According to Wikipedia it probably won't be finalized until November 2008. Then again, Wikipedia also says that 802.11g also had a similar history, where it was implemented into devices before being finalized.

Interestingly, Wikipedia also mentions an 802.11y, which has roughly the same speeds at 802.11g but a greater range (worse range indoor than 802.11n, but a massive outdoor range. Operates at 3.7GHz frequency).

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