Wi-Fi comes to Japanese vending machines

You've gotta love Japanese vending machines, where you can get everything from fresh meat to panties previously worn by young schoolgirls. Asahi Soft Drinks is taking this a step further by offering free Wi-Fi from their vending machines, as reported by TechCrunch.

The great thing about it is that you don't even have to enjoy a cool bottle of JĊĞrokucha to enjoy the Wi-Fi perks offered by the machines. The wireless is available for free to anyone within a 165 foot radius for up to 30 minutes, at which point you can simply reconnect to continue enjoying the web. All you have to do is log in, after which you'll get to view some location specific information regarding nearby stores and attractions. As an added bonus, the machine also comes equipped with irresistible pictures of kitties.

Beginning in 2012, Asahi will be rolling out 1,000 of the machines across Tokyo, Sendai, Chubu, Kinki and Fukuoka, with plans to distribute 10,000 of them over the next five years. That's a lot of Wi-Fi.

Why is it that Japan always scores all the coolest, weirdest, and possibly depraved gadgets in the world? Meanwhile, the coolest vending machine the US has to offer is still distributing week old plastic wrapped mystery sandwiches.

Original image courtesy of TechCrunch

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OK I get it. People like me who are addicted both to soft drinks and wifi would lose fortunes to these machines! Way to go Japan! Nice ideas and improvements as always

neufuse said,
Never understood why Japanese love tons of text, graphics and bright colors all over EVERYTHING!

Easy, because they invented what is called MANGA.

Well, look back Japan has many cool invention. Let me list:
1. KARAOKE - Everyone can be singer
2. RAMEN NOODLE CUP - No need to cook
3. SONY WALKMAN - 1st Music on the go machine (not iPod the first)
4. VIDEO GAME - Damm it genius - Remember NINTENDO black and white you can play on the go.
5. SUSHI & SASHIMI - All Raw fish you can eat- Damm they are indeed delicious
5. SUSHI BAR - Food conveyor belt style restaurant
6. Teppanyaki Restaurant - Chef cook in front of you.
7. MANGA - picture story book for both kid and adult -> POKEMON, DOREMON, DRAGON BALL etc.
8. WASHLET TOILET - Wash you butt after you do No2. It even has dryer and heated seat.
9. CRAZY GAME SHOW - that everyone around the world copied
10. BULLET TRAIN - Damm it fast man.
11. KOBE BEEF - they massage the cow 7 hours a day, force it to drink beer and listen to music, eat wheat -> result kick ass meat top in the world

and many more.

warwagon said,
Why is it when I think of Japan vending machines I think of used female Panties?

Which is funny because AFAIK these panty vending machines don't currently exist. There was apparently one just down in Ginza, but no longer.

There are however shops you can buy said panties...

Makes sense too, they probably have the Internet ran to those machines already so they can see how productive it's being, why not offer it to everyone thats walking by (therefore giving them a reason to buy from you).