Wikipedia co-founder wants open-source search engine

Does the world need open-source search tools? The people at Wikipedia think so.

The folks behind the public encyclopedia have launched Wikia, a project to develop a search engine, crawlers and other indexing tools through a collaborative, open-source process.

Contributors will likely include graduate students as well large companies that want to include search functionality in their products but don't want to pay royalties to a search company, according to Wikia CEO Gil Penchina. Another constituency will likely be smaller search companies that don't have the time or money to do everything required for a complete search service themselves.

"Everyone has to crawl the Web, but it costs a lot of money," Penchina said. "There has been a lot of interest in academia for better tools."


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youd think by now there'd already be plenty of open source code for search engines freely available without the need for extra slave labour from college stduents....

dai_andrew said,
There already is one. ie. Apache Lucene

ya thats my point, and theres more than just that, theres plenty of open source search engines just none as big as one that would be backed by Wikipedia.