Wikipedia turns ten in eight days, celebration ensues

Wikipedia, the "Free Encyclopedia" available in 262 languages first opened its doors on 15 January in 2001. Ten years has almost passed by and the Wikimedia Foundation is set out to make this a memorable occasion.

The news of the site turning ten is displayed across the many articles in a large banner, much the same as when Jimmy Wales had a statement he wanted the public to read and the place where they ask for donations. The banner points you to a page about the date, and gives you a list of where people will be having celebrations on 15 January 2010.

Hundreds of locations around the globe and on every continent sans Antarctica have cities participating in the milestone birthday of Wikipedia. Clicking on a city will bring up a page showing where the celebration in that local area will take place. Also shown is a global map which has a red dot for every area that is hosting a party for the major information resource. Europe is the densest of the regions hosting the celebrations.

If one wishes, they can send in their information about a party they would host for the website so that it may be added to the growing list of locations. Wikipedia also has a design section which will let the people create logos and images to help promote and spread the news of this celebration, including providing several images of their own.

Wikipedia is keeping true to its open and free ways, letting everyone contribute to the celebration and truely making this an event of the people for the people.

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Happy Birthday Wikipedia. At least Jim isn't charging people for use of site like the old Encarta days with those disc releases. It's remained free and open sourced since birth and was always helpful when you needed to look at something quick you didn't know about or knew existed.

Well, at least my teachers let me cite Encarta in a research paper.

No, but Wikipedia has proven to be very useful except for articles that aren't cited well enough. Glad to have it around and I can't believe it's been 10 years!

Many people make fun of Wikipedia, but it really is a great site for info - most of the factual errors get caught quickly.

Recon415 said,
Good use for those donations

They're trying to get as much of it for free as possible. The London venue at least is being donated.