Will a future Nokia Lumia Windows Phone be made of graphene?

Graphene has been called the strongest material known to man, even though its structure is just one atom thick. Now a group that has Nokia as one of its members has received a huge grant to continue research into Graphene.

The Nokia Conversations blog states that the European Union has invested one billion euros, to the Graphene Flagship Consortium to continue their work on how to use the material. The investment will be spread out over 10 years.

Certainly, the idea of using graphene inside a number of future products is inciting. Nokia's support of the Graphene Flagship Consortium could lead to the company using graphene inside a future version of its Windows Phone-based Lumia smartphones.

Jani Kivioja, the Research Leader at Nokia Research Center, seems to be highly optimistic about how graphene could change how products are made once someone figures out how to make it faster and cheaper. He states:

When we talk about graphene, we’ve reached a tipping point. We’re now looking at the beginning of a graphene revolution. Before this point in time, we figured out a way to manufacture cheap iron that led to the Industrial Revolution. Then there was silicon. Now, it’s time for graphene.

Source: Nokia blog | Image via Nokia

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An article on WPCentral.com (http://www.wpcentral.com/nokia...e-hump-out-pureview-cameras) explains one possible application of this technology. It might not be about making smaller/lighter/stronger phones, but about miniaturising existing photography technology.

With some luck, a future generation of Lumia phone (possibly the next but that seems unlikely) might sport both 920 and 808 PureView tech, by using graphene to cram the 808 sensor array into the smaller 920 package.

Its not really the phones that need reinforcing, it's the screens

But having a phone made of pure Nanosuit is very cool

This is why Nokia cannot die, they actually innovate. Unlike a lot of the other leading manufaturers.

Tom said,
This is why Nokia cannot die, they actually innovate. Unlike a lot of the other leading manufaturers.

I hope to be wrong but I am not sure I will be still around by the time graphene will be commonly used.....

Muessig said,
Are you on your last legs then?

No but I guess that being 55 I am way older than average neowinians; besides, and base on the limited knowledge I have about graphene, I do not think it will be used in mainstream products for a long time. Said that I would very happy to be wrong; the material is amazing....

They used to in the early 90s which is why they became number one. Then they sat on their hands and went second to everyone else as they thought they were unbeatable.

No such thing in the tech world and customers forget very quickly. Another company that can do well learning from that mistake.