Will Nokia unveil an MP3 player at its Oct. 22 event?

Nokia is expected to unveil several new products at its Oct. 22 press event in Abu Dhabi, with some outlets claiming at least six products will be revealed, and now it appears one of those products may be an MP3 player.

According to @evleaks, a Twitter user who routinely leaks correct information about mobile devices, Nokia is working on a device code-named the "Nokia Guru" that will be similar to Apple's small MP3 player, the iPod shuffle. The major difference between the two devices, @evleak's terse tweet claims, is the use of NFC.

How the device will benefit from its implementation remains to be seen, but the most likely use would be a connection of some kind to Nokia's Lumia smartphones. Several rumored smartwatches in development will reportedly make use of NFC for pairing with smartphones, and Sony's recently announced SmartWatch 2 includes NFC to pair with Android devices.

Nokia's potential entry in the MP3 player market comes at a time when many companies are getting out. Microsoft exited the market when it stopped selling the Zune HD in 2011, one of the few major rivals to Apple's iPod line.

Should @evleaks rumor be true, the product would likely transfer over to Microsoft when its acquisition of Nokia's devices and services division is complete early next year.

Source: @evleaks (Twitter)

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If it has Bluetooth, at least 4gb and It's the size of a 6th gen nano it would be perfect for the gym. You could wear it like a watch or use a removable clip.

Cheap, small, simple bluetooth mp3 player is all i need.

I've been looking for a decent non-Apple MP3 player to replace my Zune when it finally dies (not that it shows any sign of slowing down--it's been going strong for years, despite having been dropped a number of times on various surfaces including a concrete floor).

I don't own a phone nor do I want one just so I can play MP3s. I'll keep an eye on this.

They are doing this because they fear more expansion from the competence, for example Sony, which will release at the beginning of the next month the walkmans NWZ F886 with android. They are a bit basic units but they actually have put more emphasis in the audio part, which is the reason because I already ordered one of them. That an the QX100... I'm tempted to dump my smartphone.

My wife needs a dedicated mp3/podcast player while she works graveyard shifts.

Her phone's battery has neither capacity nor battery life for such a dedicated use.

Thus her Zune 120 will remain until she can no longer find replacement HDDs.
Replaced it once already.

If it is a viable device, I'm sure she'd be all in.

yes. mp3 player is the hottest sheet these days. nice job, nokia, as always, for successfully interpreting the market demand before your competitors does. lmao.

I still used my Zune HD to date :-).... I love my WP8, but for working out or places I don't need my phone, my Zune HD is the best.

I doubt this is just a regular mp3 player... something tells me it's more than that.

If it works with Xbox Music and has some kind of clip it could be great. Much more useful than using my phone (and it's battery) when listening to music at the gym and when travelling.

It would need to be cheap though, and ideally not just a conduit to a phone. Needs to be able to store and play music even when the phone is in your locker or switched off.

An MP3 player probably could go for "free" these days, if only there is another side to capture profit on (which unfortunately for every MP3 music store or subscription music service like Nokia's, doesn't work out to be the store/service.) I can see these going for free with NFC bumps possible at concerts though.

Actually, I still think there is a market for these. I often use my nano for working out, while traveling and even at work. Its perfect when you don't want to bring the phone along or don't have the battery life. Now what would be great would be to be able to transfer music from the phone or pc to the player. What would be awesome would be if they got the apps down to connect with spotify or pandora either through wifi or your existing phone. This would almost be a companion device, similar to what is trying to be done with smart watches.

I'm still using my Touch when i don't want to drain all my phone battery. I plan to buy a Nano next time and hope the next Nano will be iOS 4/5/6 apps compatible.

Deihmos said,
An MP3 player when everyone is moving to smartphones? Makes no sense to me.

smartphones are clunky if you're into power workouts. that's why you see people by nanos. anything bigger just gets in the way.

Microsoft failed because it did not try. I've never seen any Zune sold in a store where i live and i live in the 7th largest metropolitan area in canada. People like to buy what is popular and you can't be popular enough if you are making your products USA only (which is a common mistake made by Microsoft these days). Creative failed because it is Creative. After the X-FI snap, crackle and pop debacle i've personally put Creative in my do not ever buy again black list along with Razer. I'm sure i'm not alone who did that just do a search for x-fi snap crackle pop you'll see. I've not seen any Creative product in a store for a while now i don't even know if the company is still alive.

Nokia might succeeds if they are really serious about it. But they will need lot of marketing and a really great product sold worlwide cause the iPod Nano/Touch really are great products. It's probably too late tough.

Deihmos said,
An MP3 player when everyone is moving to smartphones? Makes no sense to me.

Normally I carry two smartphones with me (work and personal) but when I really want to enjoy music, I also carry my Sony mp3 player.

Why? Sound quality.

Smartphones have horrible sound quality, my dedicated mp3 player sounds way better.

Spicoli said,
If you have a phone you're using to load the MP3 player over NFC, why not just use the phone as the MP3 player?
Battery savings.