Win a Lenovo A70z all-in-one PC for completing a Survey

Ivy Worldwide has asked us if we would publish a request for members to take part in a survey; Ivy represents bloggers as well as companies like Lenovo who are reaching out to our readers.

Details: We’re embarking on a project to more formally substantiate the proportion of our influencer partners’ readership involved in small/medium-sized businesses. Specifically, we have reason to believe that SMB owners/decision-makers act much more like consumers in their choice of the online information resources that subsequently affect their purchasing decisions. Further, we want to expose important new insights into how SMBs’ habits differ from those of general consumers, defining and understanding them better. The expected outcome is to help ourselves, our clients and you create more effective marketing campaigns targeted at SMBs, and also to boost your value as a blogger by providing evidence of your influence on this critical segment.

Why are we undertaking this survey? One, because the SMB segment is an integral part of the global economy, as per recent US Census data demonstrating that new and young firms (i.e., SMBs to a large extent) are the primary source of new jobs, and so consequently there’s tremendous value in understanding how they operate; two, to dispel misconceptions about and simultaneously define new insights into SMB decision-makers’ purchasing habits; three, to confidently substantiate such conclusions with statistically significant data; and four, to help you and site owners like you demonstrate the impact and value of your brand. 

To that end, we’ve devised a 15-question survey that we’re launching today to gather enough data to arrive at useful and informative conclusions regarding SMB purchasing habits. To drive response rates, we’re offering to randomly award prizes to respondents once the survey period is completed, likely end of July or once we’ve received a minimum of 400 complete responses (this allows for statistical significance of the data). All respondents fully completing the survey with useful answers (i.e., one cannot simply enter nonsense into the text areas) and providing a valid email address will be eligible for a prize. We’ll select winners at random and contact them directly once selected, and then inform participating site owners of their names so you can announce them to the world. 

The prizes are:

To reiterate, the criteria for eligibility for the prize drawing are:

  • Complete the full survey (the revenues question (or any other) can be skipped if too sensitive, although we’d of course prefer all questions be answered) 
  • Supply valid information in the free-text areas (i.e., no nonsensical answers)
  • Supply a valid email address


Email addresses will only be used to contact eligible winners and WILL NOT be retained once prize selection has occurred. We WILL NOT share contact data or otherwise contact any respondent.

We WILL share all analysis, insights and raw data with you and your peers so you can make full use of it, if you so desire.

Link to Survey: http://www.surveymon...decision-making

This competition is open to all visitors worldwide! Good Luck to all that take part! 

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rpsgc said,
US only I presume?

I was wondering that as well. It doesn't say US only, but something makes me think that it is...

markjensen said,
Their question#12 asks you to rank items from first to seventh.

There are only 6 rankable items.

You fail at counting There is a "Other" option.

alfaaqua said,

You fail at counting There is a "Other" option.

You fail at reading?
markjensen said,
There are only 6 RANKABLE items.
You cannot rank the "other" option as any value from first to seventh.

This seems directed purely at business owners or those who make big decisions within a company I see no point in filling out 10% of the survey when they clearly are not looking for an employees opinion.

Conjor said,
This seems directed purely at business owners or those who make big decisions within a company I see no point in filling out 10% of the survey when they clearly are not looking for an employees opinion.

Yeah I didn't bother as the only question it seemed I could really answer was the first - which was no? Surely that's useless to them?

Also surely this is worldwide, not just US going from the company's name Ivy Worldwide.

Entered. I remember this company wanting a logo design before -- cool to see them coming back for Neowin for more

The whole survey is business-centric and thus is not completable by the vast majority of the neowin community, unless you are a based in a company and are involved with purchasing

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