Win a Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e desktop for completing a survey

Ivy Worldwide has asked us if we would publish a request for members to take part in a survey; Ivy represents bloggers as well as companies like Lenovo who are reaching out to our readers.

To enter this competition it is relatively easy, complete this survey here that inquiries about purchasing decisions; it should be noted that this is pointed towards those who have the power to make such decisions in a business environment. That is all that you have to do, straight forward, takes few minutes, and puts your name in the pot for the the drawing.

What will the winner take home? If you are the lucky entrant, you will receive a Lenovo M75e with two 19in monitors.

The competition will run up until April 15 and at that point a winner will be announced. For those of you who need a reminder, you can check out our review of a Lenovo M75e here.

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Some sections are wanting you to rank the choices, put them in the order you see fit. (Can't have two choices at #1 for example.)

So this competition is only for company owners, or we could just make up some details and tick some boxes making the survey null and void.

"1. Do you own or operate a small or medium business?"

Answer this question NO, it will close the survey. So if not a 'true' business owner. Do not bother wasting your time.

ahhell said,
Dear god why does Lenovo make their desktops so ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've often wondered that myself. They have kept the same hideous styling since the mid 90s (under the IBM name).

ahhell said,
Dear god why does Lenovo make their desktops so ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!

The design is right out of a nightmare!