Winamp 5.34 Build 1271

Nullsoft Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity music player for Windows. Winamp supports MP3, CD, Audiosoft, Audio Explosion, MOD, WAV and other audio formats, custom appearances (skins) plus audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins.


* New: IPv6 support
* Improved: Made installer delete in_mp3pro :/
* Improved: Embedded IE pages now run in a separate thread
* Improved: General speed and performance optimizations
* Improved: Various Media Library resize flicker fixes
* Improved: GDI+ video rendering for Windows Vista
* Improved: IPC_CONVERTFILE now uses api_decodefile (for ripping & transcoding)
* Improved: [in_wave] Added ATF support for %bitrate%
* Improved: [gen_ff] Better handling of invalid XML during skin load
* Improved: [gen_jumpex] JTFE Unicode support
* Improved: [ml_local] Composer / Album view (in Edit View, Filters tab)
* Improved: [ml_local] Unicode drag&drop and send-to support
* Improved: [ml_local] Added option for using Artist as Album Artist
* Improved: [ml_local] Updated 'Field names' in Smart View query documentation
* Improved: [ml_pmp] PMP Unicode support
* Fixed: ???? in the taskbar & system tray with Unicode titles (note that many third party plugins will cause this to revert back to ????)
* Fixed: CD Burning on Windows Vista
* Fixed: Classic skin scrollbar overlap display glitch with 'smooth resize' enabled
* Fixed: Crash on exit with docked playlist toolbar (ml_local/ml_playlists bug)
* Fixed: DirectDraw video rendering (non-overlay mode) constant redraw/flicker
* Fixed: Folder locking bug after using Open Files/Folder dialog
* Fixed: Installation of Sonic Engine on systems with other Sonic/Roxio products
* Fixed: Installer resets cwd= to the install dir
* Fixed: Redraw bug when moving external windows over Pledit
* Fixed: Tab orders in Preferences
* Fixed: Various media library accessibility/focus issues
* Fixed: Video crash when using WinKey+L
* Fixed: [enc_lame] Better output samplerate selection for transcoding
* Fixed: [enc_wav] WAVs missing first 11 samples
* Fixed: [gen_ff] Tooltips appear on primary monitor only
* Fixed: [gen_jumpex] Stability issues and key reported plugin bugs
* Fixed: [gen_ml] Keyboard focus issue
* Fixed: [gen_ml] Node alignment bug
* Fixed: [in_cdda] Long artist/albumartist CD Info bug
* Fixed: [in_cdda] Crash on Winamp exit after playing Audio CD
* Fixed: [in_cdda] CDDB crash-on-close bug
* Fixed: [in_cdda] CD-Text adds to end of cddb fields instead of clearing first
* Fixed: [in_dshow] Potential crash on corrupt/malformed media files
* Fixed: [in_dshow] Crash scanning ml folders containing videos on a network drive
* Fixed: [in_mod] .s3m and .it memory corruption bug
* Fixed: [in_mp3] Memory leak when retrieving info for .aac files
* Fixed: [in_mp3] .aac / out_wave playback glitches
* Fixed: [in_vorbis] Album tag removed when using ml 'edit selected items'
* Fixed: [in_wm] Crash when trying to burn WMA files
* Fixed: [libsndfile] matlab (.mat) memory corruption bug
* Fixed: [ml_local] Composer tag not saving with 'Edit Info'
* Fixed: [ml_local] Total size not showing up in local media views
* Fixed: [ml_local] Possible duplicate entries on upgrades after rescanning folders
* Fixed: [ml_local] (No Album Artist) & (No Publisher) sometimes displays no results
* Fixed: [ml_local] Sorting Album pane by Year
* Fixed: [ml_local] isempty/isnotempty for querying empty/populated fields
* Fixed: [ml_local] Search broken in simple views (Win2k-specific)
* Fixed: [ml_playlists] Drag+Drop playlists to pmp devices broken
* Fixed: [ml_pmp] Possible crash when deleting a group of songs containing non-sequential duplicates
* Fixed: [ml_pmp] "haven't" typo in prefs :-D
* Fixed: [ml_rg] ReplayGain analysis failing on mono mp3's
* Fixed: [ml_rg] Now skips over DRM WMA files instead of applying -24601 dB gain
* Fixed: [ml_transcode] Now prevents same source and destination filename
* Fixed: [ml_wire] Crash when encountering certain non-xml feeds
* Fixed: [pmp_ipod] Incompatibility with iTunes 7.1
* Fixed: [pmp_p4s] Launching Winamp on device insertion not working
* Fixed: [pmp_p4s] No longer creates .alb files on devices that don't support it
* Updated: in_vorbis to libvorbis 1.1.2 and libogg 1.1.3
* Updated: in_flac 2.0 (based on FLAC 1.1.4)
* Updated: MusicIP Mix (formerly Predixis MusicMagic) v1.1
* Updated: Sonic Ripping/Burning Engine v3.6.36.500
* Updated: [gen_jumpex] Jump To File Extra v0.99.1a

Download: Winamp 5.34 Full freeware
Download: Winamp 5.34 Lite freeware
Download: Winamp 5.34 Pro shareware

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venejo said,
The build from the Winamp i have downloaded is 1273.

actually the latest is 1278 as from here which fixed the in_flac issue and a portables issue. this newer build was only pushed live an hour or so ago at my time of posting


I stopped using this years ago but thought I try it again. Burning at only 2x is crazy. They want you to pay for faster burning. get Jet Audio...its free.

that all comes down to the sonic burning engine being used and the'quirks' that it has at times which can drop burning rates to be low (annoying yes but it's sort of out of the winamp dev's hands on that matter if the engine is dodgy at times)


Dr.Jones said,
it gave me "msvcp71.dll not found" or something.

It has something to do with in_flac.dll plugin being dynamically linked to msvcp71.dll. Go to Winamp's forum to download the corrected in_flac.dll plugin

Great, update time.

Oh, anyone knows of a plugin that enables the player to read and write song ratings directly from the ID3 tags? I get to loose the ratings everytime I format

I know there was a cue plugin that was written poorly that no longer works. Some people were moaning about it over at the Winamp forums. Another plugin dev stepped in and explained how that particular plugin, like others out there, was poorly written and never really interfaced with the API properly.

I'm not sure you and I are on the same page for the definition of "hack job".

plugins by their very nature are 'hack jobs'

5.34 shouldn't have broken anything with 3rd party plugins, the only thing is to have them updated to allow the taskbar button keep it's unicode text instead of showing ??? (is a simple code change but a lot of plugins will never be made compatible due to lost code and so on just like how only a few have been updated to work with the multi-user settings support which has been in there since the 5.1x series). but that does not otherwise break things

with the cue plugin mentioned, that was down to core changes and how it interacted/expected things in the implementation of the winamp core to be - unicodisation of winamp.exe changed flow paths and OS interactions, etc which broke things. alas it's the joys of a developed app that needs to be altered/updated to meet users demands (which sucks for plugin devs at times - especially if you have 50 or so and want to keep your user base happy as well )


Well this sucks ass. I installed the new version and all it does is crash everytime i try and play a mp3. oh and i'm on vista argggg....

CoLdFuSi0n said,
Well this sucks ass. I installed the new version and all it does is crash everytime i try and play a mp3. oh and i'm on vista argggg....

you have any plugin's running?

Dazog said,
you have any plugin's running?

Good question to ask. Apparently there were key core changes that broke some of the "hack job" plugins.

IPV6 is not likely supported by your ISP. Even if your router supports it (linksys will with 3rd party firmware), your cable modem likely does not. And if it does, it will be translated back to ipV4 though your cable company's infrastructure.

thank goodness, IPv6 support in a media player!!

all i need now is to find an internet connection that gives me an IPv6 address.

does anyone know if SWBell/SBC/AT&T gives out IPv6 addresses?

i know my router and OS support it.

I wish I could find the full version without the emusic addon again like they used to have. I'm trying to keep the Installers folder on my thumb drive as small as possible while still being complete.

IIRC, the Pro installer is essentially identical to the Full installer, without the emusic mess...
I remember the time when you could run CRC checks on the full.exe and pro.exe and they'd actually come out the same. Such a shame.

alas the higher up guys in suits have killed those versions from being publically provided. sadly the best way to go is to just use the pro installer and then select things in the installer options as needed (or let the installer remember it's previous options )


it takes time for all of the updates on a new release to make it across all of the servers so it can appear for some before others.

as for the pro link, it's possible that they've missed updating that link (again) when doing the main page updates.

as for the comment about updates only being done once a week on a thursday... most of the releases for the last year or two have generally been done at the start of the week though update flags are normally done a day or so later to give time for any serious issues to be rectified before the main bulk of users know there's a new build (so any show stopping issues will affect as few as possible)


It's in the ''final'' releases directory so it must be a ''final'' version. The pro, standard and lite versions are not available yet.

edit: all the Winamp versions are available (full, lite & pro)