WindowBlinds 3.4 Released

Thanks to BananaMan from the forums. WindowBlinds 3.4 is Stardock's third generation GUI skinning program. It allows you to completely control the Windows GUI. On Windows XP, it extends Microsoft's new OS to support additional Visual Styles. It also enables Windows 98, ME, and 2000 to be completely skinnable. You can change the style of title bars, buttons, toolbars and much more.

New features:

  • SmartColoring. This lets users change the color of most skins that were not designed to be colorized.

  • Inverse coloring. Inverse the colors of your GUI.

  • Skins can include fonts

  • Fix for nVidia nView (caused WindowBlinds to be very very slow)

  • Many new controls skinned

  • Several bug fixes

  • Display properties now skinned by default
News source: Stardock

Screenshot: SmartColoring | Per-app skinning

Download: WindowBlinds 3.4 (Direct - 3.28MB)

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You can use both at the same time. Just hold down the Control key when you load up the display properties dialog and voila, all your msstyles appear.

you guys must've gotten confused and thought somebody asked about your opinion...

this is a news thread about a new release, not a windowblinds vs. styles xp vs. uxtheme.dll