WindowBlinds 4 released

WindowBlinds is a program that allows users to completely customize the look and feel of the Windows GUI. Version 4 is designed specifically with Windows XP in mind and as in fact only available for Windows XP at present.

Version 4 is much faster than previous versions and much more integrated into Windows XP. In fact, it can now skin the Windows command prompt as well as work with virtually any program.

    WindowBlinds 4 has some great new features including:

  • Command prompt skinning

  • Skinning of virtually every element of the Windows XP GUI

  • Skinning of the logoff, shellstyles, and please wait dialogs

  • Smart painting - makes most WindowBlinds enhanced visual styles run nearly as fast as "classic"

  • Enhanced integration into Windows XP greatly increasing compatibility with nearly all programs

  • A new configuration program that makes the features of WindowBlinds more accessible than ever

  • Settings for control of the Windows XP start bar. Now you can have a skinny start bar with any visual style

  • Native integration into Remote Desktop and graphics acceleration by most video cards
A shareware version of WindowBlinds 4 will be released next week.

News source: WindowBlinds website

Screenshots: >> Click here <<

View: Upgrade from WB3 to WB4

View: Purchase WB4

View: WindowBlinds forum on

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The only reason you don't see the MSStyles memory usage is beause it's hidden in svchost.exe and within the memory footprint of [b]every windows application you run[/b]. WB uses just the 3-4 megs of memory for it's own process and THAT'S IT. So there is no justification in saying MSStyles use less resources. They just hide it from you....

Also, WB4 is smart enough to actually use the advanced rendering features of your video card. MSStyles uses a more backwards-compatible-friendly methods of drawing themes on screen. WB4 can work with your GF4 or 9700 or whatever to actually hardware accelerate your interface.

Beyond that, it can even skin more of the GUI (programs don't have to have a .manifest file to use the XP features), adds other features to skins (such as plugins and interactive elements), allows you to skin the GUI in ways MSStyles can't even touch (lets see you make an aqua skin with the titlebar buttons on the left in MSStyles...).

I'm only ranting and raving here cause of all the incorrect statements I see people make about this program. Just because it costs some money certainly doesn't mean it's less of a product... You get what you pay for.

Chaninja makes WB skins too.

WB4 uses less resources than msstyles do. It's faster. It skins more.

I am sure there are people who would rather us MS Paint than Photoshop. But then again, they'd probably not make posts bragging to that fact.