WindowBlinds 5 Beta 2 released

Stardock has released WindowBlinds 5 beta 2 this week. WindowBlinds 5 is designed to customize the look & feel of the Windows GUI. The new version has been completely re-architected to be significantly faster, have more features, and provide new effects for skinners.

Beta 2 includes a host of bug fixes, performance optimizations, and more. Here are some highlights:

  • 64-bit Windows support

  • Per-Pixel frame and title bar animation support (skinners can create some really cool animated title bars and borders now).

  • New WindowBlinds config can switch back to Windows XP style

  • Updated WindowBlinds config makes new options easier to see.

  • Adobe CS2 support enhanced

  • Fixed AdMuncher issue

  • Toolbar skin installation improved

  • Full screen background per pixel support for shutdown dialog.

  • Lots of bugs fixed.

  • New performance optimizations

The beta is currently only available for Object Desktop users ( WindowBlinds 5 should be publicly available before the end of the year.

Screenshot: DogmaX for WindowBlinds 5

Screenshot: WindowBlinds 5 with glass

Screenshot: WindowBlinds 5 feature screenshot


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One bug that continues to haunt WB5 is the fact that I have yet to be able to simply update my current install. It restarts my PC and then gives me an error and asks me to reinstall. I have to uninstall the previous build, manually clear out the wb directory, and then install the new build.

um huh? Considering I use it and all, I think I have a right to complain. It's a MAJOR bug and doesn't help people who are trying to test out the software for them. I didn't know I could only say good things about it.

You were able to update no problem? God, I can't wait to replace my system finally. Every single time I want to update, I try, only to restart, get the classic theme, and get a WB load error.

Well, with my main hdd days away from dying, I guess it won't be a problem much longer. I, too, obviously install from SDC and it's just my retarded system, I guess.

I must say, it did fix a few rendering bugs in Alysseum which makes the theme look so much better now.