WindowBlinds 6.01

WindowBlinds allows users to completely change their Windows XP or Windows Vista visual experience. It does this by applying system-wide skins called visual styles, without replacing system files or modifying data on the user's PC. Visual styles can change nearly every element of the Windows XP or Windows Vista GUI from the Start menu, task bar, title bar, push buttons, scrollbars, and so on. WindowBlinds is a free download and can be registered for $19.95. The registered version adds additional features such as colorization, font control, blur support, and more. WindowBlinds is also part of the Object Desktop suite of desktop enhancement utilities.

WindowBlinds 6.01 is largely a maintainence release fixing reported bugs, tweaking performance, as well as adding support for 64-bit Windows XP (registered version only).

Download: WindowBlinds 6.01 (Shareware, $20)
Link: Home page
Screenshot: WindowBlinds interface | "Diamond" Skin

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Pile of tut. The day there are skins as elegant as the friggin default Windows skin, whichever version that may be, is the day I take an interest in WindowsBlinds. There is an *almost* complete lack of attention to detail and/or ability to make something as useful day to day as the default visual styles included in Windows. Sure, I could learn all about it and make my own, but frankly, i'm not bothered enough about the default UI to bother making my own. If someone else comes up with an elegant, useable alternative that's particularly nice, hell, I may even pay for it. That day hasn't come in the many years Stardock have made WindowBlinds and I've done nothing but un-install it every time i've tried it out. Shame really..... It has potential. Same crap happens with the "widget" world of Yahoo widgets and Vista sidebar etc. There are very few useful and professional/elegant looking widgets out there which is also a shame.... By the way, for a definition of "elegant".... look it up.

Your post shows nothing more than You have never cared to look for usable skins. There are a bunch out there that are really usable on a day to day basis (I even have WB running at work in a productional environment) away from the fact You can even import those 2D-super-minimal DOSShell-like msstyles that are quite popular for whatever reasons.

Some Examples fom this Year :


to all people critisizing WB skins STFU, i never liked WB but after getting bored of VS i bought WB6. after 2 days of browsing wincustomize & deviantart i found more WB skins that i liked than VS's i collected in 2 years...

The most amazing thing about the new Windowblinds is how few resources it uses. Im sure some of you know how they pulled that off.

Oh really..............and how do you base that one. Have you checked out wincustomize lately? There are hundreds of really cool skins. I take you havent tried it lately. So I guess you cna make better skins? Lets see your designs.

That's what I still use. Seems like everyone wants flashier candy like skins that pop out at you, but to me if you even notice the interface is there it's a bad interface.

i find WB skins hilarious
u always see these bulky ugly skins posted, and then these comments like "woah that rocks" lol
the few WB skins that are good tho, are simly amazing

I dont know where you are looking at skins but has tons of cool skins. I love WB. Been using it for years. Just update it through Stardock Central.

I also think that the skin's available for WindowBlinds are pretty ugly. The program itself is a nice easy to use manager, I'm sure, but the skins....

I wish someone would make a good Windows 3.1 skin. I know there have been some in the past but none of them ever looked or worked exactly right.

Master Shake said,
Sorry, but I think every single Windowblinds skin is fugly.

There, fixed that for you. Or are we still allowed to criticize Stardock products on here anymore?

phantasmorph said,
There, fixed that for you. Or are we still allowed to criticize Stardock products on here anymore?

I think being a d*ck is frowned upon, yes.

You may not like any of the skins available, but it is irrelevant to the product, since the product itself is not a skin.

Besides, if you're so unimpressed, make your own bloody skin. I'm quite happy with continuing to skin my Windows meanwhile.