Windows 7 already in stores in Israel - still not priced

Windows 7 has already been delivered to stores in Israel, as were advertisement packs supplied by Microsoft Israel. However, to prevent retailers from selling Windows 7 before the scheduled release date, no prices or retail EAN codes have been supplied.

The versions delivered to stores are Home Premium and Professional, both in Hebrew localization and English (which also sports a Hebrew cover).

Also, to promote Windows 7, Microsoft Israel is holding a decoration contest between different branches of retail stores in Israel, promising the winning branch a meal at a fancy restaurant and a show by any Israeli artist of their choosing.

The advertising theme of the Israeli Windows 7 campaign is "Out with the old - in with the new", featuring several posters with different catchphrase like "Click > Touch" or "Petrol > Solar" (funnier in Hebrew as the words are pronounced the same while written differently)

Microsoft Israel is very market-aware, and always cooperates highly with local retailers to promote Microsoft products.

Thanks for the tip Ambious

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