Windows 7 Beta - When will it arrive?

Still a few hours away for CES, it is known that Microsoft is going unveil the Windows 7 Beta at CES. But it is still unsure when would users be able to download it officially. Mary-Jo Foley reports that public betas of Windows 7 would hit this week along with the private beta.

Now, there is some information available from this Microsoft blog: Attend an upcoming MSDN Developer Conference and you will receive a Windows 7 Beta 1 DVD - and that immediate upcoming MSDN Developer Conference is on January 13th, which is next Tuesday!

At the worst, expect a public beta release next week as the private beta testers would get priority even if its released earlier. If you are one of those lucky testers who received a beta invite, then expect a beta download late January 7 or early January 8.

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Of course everyone knows where to get it if you want it now. Yeah, "illegal", but I don't think MS would really care that much....a ton of "beta" testers would have it to play with, and you know MS gets feedback from them also.

It would be nice though if they made it available for download to MSDN and TechNet subscribers. That would seem somewhat reasonable, right?